4 steps to store data in the Cloud

4 steps to store data in the Cloud

The Cloud is an option increasingly used by companies. However, there are still many doubts related to this technology, especially with regard to security. Cloud Computing is an IT solution that allows online use of computing resources, using the Internet. Uncomplicated: wherever you are, you can access your programs and files by simply having an Internet connection. With multiple users and multiple access points, it is essential to take some precautions in order to guarantee data privacy. In today’s article, we present 4 precautions you should take when storing data in the Cloud.


Data protection is one of the biggest concerns for companies today. A Cloud service needs to guarantee maximum levels of security, as this is a key point for the hiring decision. Companies that provide cloud services need to have sophisticated security practices that involve a strict hierarchy, with different permissions according to job titles. When you choose to hire a service on the Cloud, be sure that you are trusting your information in a company that is concerned with data confidentiality. In an era where there is so much talk about data protection, it is essential to ensure that none of your information is exposed!

Data migration

The migration from physical to virtual environments is constantly a challenge for companies and is one of the areas in which companies should pay more attention. Companies had to change and create more universal access to the cloud. According to data from the consulting firm Stratistics, the investment in the migration capacity should approach US $ 20.65 billion by 2027. The challenge is to achieve greater fluidity and flexibility for the client.

Internet access

Incredible as it may seem, in 2020 there are still countries with broadband connections below the world standard. This creates problems with the use of the Cloud, since access to the network is very unstable. Some regions have problems due to high prices for Internet access, while others have connections that fail frequently. This is a structural problem that is beyond the control of companies, but that needs to be considered by organizations that are in regions that suffer from poor Internet access and should be taken into account when migrating to a Cloud service.

Keeping up with innovation

This challenge is transversal to all technological sectors. As it is an increasingly strategic area for organizations, it is essential to keep abreast of market developments so that it can improve its performance. The advice we leave you with is to read the reports of the main companies in the area and to follow the trends of renowned companies. Thus, you can always be aware of what is happening in the market and you can implement improvements in your Cloud storage strategy.

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