4 measures for your company to conform to the GDPR

4 measures for your company to conform to the GDPR

Although little is said about GDPR today, the law exists and it is mandatory to comply with it. There are many companies that have not yet prepared themselves to protect their data in accordance with the new legislation. The fines are quite high and it is unconscious not to be concerned with the information of your business, as the exposure of sensitive data can seriously compromise the organization’s survival. Therefore, we have prepared this article where we present you 4 measures for your company to adapt to the GDPR!

Make sure your business needs a Data Protection Officer

This figure (also known as DPO) plays a key role in the transition period from the old law to the new legislation and is essential to ensure that over time the company fulfills its legal obligations. The appointment of a DPO is mandatory in the following cases: (1) whenever the processing of the data takes place in a public entity; (2) where there is constant monitoring of people on a large scale; (3) whenever there is large-scale sensitive data processing.

Protect your data in all environments

The company must ensure that highly sensitive data is encrypted or masked so that there is no risk of loss and the company falls victim to the heavy fines set out in the new regulation. Datapeers offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, replacing them irreversibly with fictitious but realistic data.

Keep an up-to-date record of your customers’ personal data

There should be a record on the activities of the processing of personal data, as the body responsible for personal data may require your query at any time. It is essential to use a CRM here, for example. Correct data management makes marketing work easier and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Update your company’s privacy policy

The data privacy policy must be updated according to the new requirements of the legislation. A scale of classification and processing of personal data should be defined. The legal department of the company should be involved in this pro


GDPR brings a lot of changes to the companies and it is very important that they are informed about everything that is going to change. Are you ready to receive the new General Regulation on Data Protection?

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