5 good reasons to invest in your business data protection

5 good reasons to invest in your business data protection

Business data is gaining increasing importance in companies, which makes managers pay increasing attention to the security of their information. Data protection laws (such as the GDPR in Portugal and the European Union and the LGPD in Brazil) reinforce the increasing need to protect the data that is generated daily. In today’s article we leave you 5 good reasons to invest in protecting your company’s data!

Increasingly sophisticated attacks

Computer attacks are a major concern of companies as there is always a risk that hackers will try to enter the system and gain access to confidential information. A malicious external attack can have disastrous consequences for a company, such as installing viruses, deleting important files and stealing sensitive data. Faced with these threats, it is essential that companies invest seriously in preventing such attacks, since only then can they minimize (and in many cases completely eliminate) the risk of computer attacks.

Ability to recover data

IT infrastructure is a very delicate tool and it is exposed to several risks. So, you need to protect it from potential disasters and one of the best ways to protect your business data is through a disaster recovery solution. RAAS is a disaster recovery service totally managed by specialized equipment and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds.

Keeping customer and stakeholders data secure

Companies store private information in databases and this information contains sensitive data, such as credit card numbers. If these data are exposed to unauthorized persons, there may be financial losses to customers and suppliers and this will spoil (almost always irreversibly) the company’s image. Thus, one of the most important reasons for investing in information security is to ensure that the data that is provided by the stakeholders remains untouched.

Minimize risk in case of external attacks

Files containing important and confidential information must be encrypted in order to ensure that only authorized persons can access the information. Even if a company implements all measures advised to ensure data protection, we can not guarantee with 100% certainty that they will never be exposed. Thus, data masking is advised. Masking the data has the main purpose of protecting confidential data against unauthorized access. In practice, data masking tools create a version similar to the original data in terms of structure but without revealing its true information. In fact, its original format remains unchanged but the data presented is fictitious. Masked data can be used in test and auditing environments without compromising the result of the analysis, but always ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. Datapeers is a solution that allows you to mask data, including the most sensitive ones.

Prevent the company from low productivity

When a company experiences an external attack or for any reason loses important data, it is not always possible to continue working in the usual way. This will generate productivity losses. Investing in data protection and security will make the impact of these situations minimal and will not detract from the normal operation of the business.

Software that allows data masking, such as Datapeers, allows access to data without exposing private information and ensures greater security!

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