5 mistakes to avoid when backing up data

5 mistakes to avoid when backing up data

Data are increasingly important to companies and must be addressed as best they can so they can provide the outputs needed for decision-making. Backup is one of the key measures of information protection, since it ensures that the data is secure and protected even in cases of problems with machines and computer attacks. However, backups are not always managed in the best way and in today’s article we will present 5 errors to avoid when backing up data!

Lack of departmental integration

In most companies, it is the IT managers who make decisions regarding data backup and decide aspects such as storage time, frequency of backup, which save files, among others. In fact, the main stakeholders in the information are the managers, because they are the ones who need to deal with it and should be involved in the decision process regarding the data backup. This work should be, therefore, a partnership between the IT area and the management area.

Failure to take into account the growing of data

Data is multiplying every day and this factor must be taken into account when choosing a strategy for data backup as this will be reflected in the consumption of disks, memory and processor. Whenever you buy a server, storage or new disk, you should also purchase equivalent backup capacity.

Not having a contingency plan

Planning is crucial so that nothing gets out of control. If you use a backup service in the Cloud, you must have a contingency plan, which allows the company to be ready to act in case of problems with the chosen service. It must approach all possibilities, ranging from the simplest and most probable to the most complex and improbable. You should have copies of your data ready to be activated in case something is lost and be prepared to change the server immediately if necessary.

Inadequate infrastructure

Each company has its own particularities and you must take this into account when setting up a data backup strategy. A solution that works very well in the neighboring company may not be the most suitable for your business. You shouldn’t just look at price or storage space: all the factors and specifics of your business must be considered in order to choose the infrastructure that is right for you.

Lack of monitoring

Although there are mechanisms that ensure the ability of all users to access resources, cloud backup services must be monitored. This point is essential because despite the assurance that the solution you hire is always available and at the highest performance level, there is always a chance that the company will have difficulty accessing the resources needed for your daily work.


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