7 Infallible Tips to Protect Your Corporate Email

7 Infallible Tips to Protect Your Corporate Email

Corporate e-mail is one of the most commonly used tools in companies and stores important and sensitive information, so there should be maximum care in protecting them. Almost all important business information is passed via email and you need to take proactive action in this area so there is no risk of losing sensitive data. In today’s article, we present you 7 foolproof tips to protect your corporate email!

Form your employees

Employees of a company should be aware of the importance of information security in corporate email. Only through practical training will they be able to avoid some risky behaviors when using e-mail.

Delete emails that no longer are important

This is a difficult task for most people, who by default accumulate e-mails and consider that someday they will all be useful. However, clearing the mailbox often is a good habit to make sure it is safe. If you consider that an email contains really important and confidential information, save it to an external disk and erase the original email.

Read the subject carefully

Before you open an email, take care of the subject. Most e-mails that are SPAM end up reporting right away in the e-mail title. Beware of emails whose subject is in uppercase and that offer unbelievable deals. If it is notorious that the email is SPAM, delete it immediately without opening it.

Use VPN outside the office

A virtual private network (VPN) is a type of private connection that uses a public network to access your company data. It contains a connection encryption that prevents data interception and IP tracing. This is the safest way to access corporate data through public networks such as hotels and airports and should be the only way the company can allow employees to access corporate e-mail outside the internal network.

Create a security policy

It is very important to create an Information Security Policy for your company, which should contain the rules, rules, methods and procedures of email management that will help keep confidential data safe. It is also necessary to ensure that employees know and follow these standards and this can be done through practical training.

Use a good antivirus

Companies shouldn’t overlook the use of the antivirus and should use it on all devices. This should always be up to date and it is recommended that companies invest in antivirus licenses, as free versions only provide a basic level of protection. However, it is important to note that no antivirus offers 100% effective protection, and it is essential that companies train their employees to be alert to suspicious links and to contribute to the protection of company information.

Do frequent e-mail backups

It is a tip that in theory everyone knows, but in practice few practice with formality. Having a corporate e-mail backup policy is critical to recovering lost or stolen data by third parties. Without a backup policy that involves all employees, it is much more likely that there will be data loss for misuse. It is necessary to educate employees and make them aware of the importance of protecting business information as much as possible.


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