How Encryption Can Help Save Your Business

How Encryption Can Help Save Your Business

Data security is imperative for any business, and more and more companies need tools and strategies to protect their sensitive data. Computer attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, so that responsible people for information security are always alert and have a proactive attitude to security. Files containing important and confidential information must be encrypted in order to ensure that only authorized persons can access the information. In today’s article, we’ll explain to you how encryption can help save your business!

What is data encryption?

Encryption is a set of techniques used to protect information so that only authorized persons can access it. The word cryptography derives from the Greek, in which crypto means hidden and graphy means writing. In a very simple way, we can say that cryptography means hidden writing. The encryption techniques transform data into codes, preventing them from being read by unauthorized persons. Only those who have the “key” of the file can perform the reading of the information.

Advantages of encryption for businesses

Protects information stored in the Cloud

Cloud is a technology that has come to stay and the companies that offer this service are increasingly concerned with ensuring that customer data is not at risk of being accessed by unauthorized people. It is important that when choosing a service in the cloud you know what type of encryption is used and this should be a key factor in choosing one service over another.

Simple protection for sensitive data

Companies increasingly need to be careful about their sensitive data, especially now that the new data protection law has entered into force. It is therefore vital that there is greater care in the processing of private data and that only authorized persons have access to them. It is essential that companies use encryption systems in files that contain private data from clients and other stakeholders, as this is the only way to ensure that no information is lost.

Protection on all devices

Nowadays, almost all companies use mobile devices and it is easier for employees to be able to access corporate data from anywhere with Internet access. However, navigation is often done from public networks and this type of network facilitates the capture of passwords, user data, among other information. It is mandatory for companies to encrypt the access data.

Allows secure connections

A virtual private network (VPN) is a type of private connection that uses a public network to access your company data. Contains a connection encryption that prevents data interception and IP tracing. This is the safest way to access corporate data through public networks such as hotels and airports.

Business information is one of the most important assets in companies today. Business data consists of information about suppliers, customers, competition, strategies, among other documents that must be kept confidential. If these data are not stored properly, they may be lost or exposed to the outside, compromising security and confidentiality. Thus, encryption plays an increasingly important role in the business world!

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