How Big Data transforms every sector of your business

How Big Data transforms every sector of your business

The correct treatment of data in companies proves to be one of the greatest opportunities in the world today. The data analytics area creates value across all sectors of an organization and enables better customer service. The volume of data has grown at an amazing rate in recent times. If we stop in the street to observe the behavior of people, we easily realize that the human being is increasingly connected and that generates, whether through sending e-mails, surveys or publications in social media, a huge amount of data all the days. But how does this “boom” of data generated impact on every sector of your business?

Financial area

The financial area will be able to have greater control over the main financial indicators and as it will be endowed with a greater amount of information, the decision making will be easier and much more conscious. It is very important that this department has a 360 degree management, because only then will you be able to know exactly the financial status of the company and through the analysis of that state will be able to make assertive and successful decisions.

Marketing area

Nowadays, the consumer is more and more demanding and it is essential to create a unique experience for each of them. This task is only possible based on data analysis. Netflix is ​​a good example in this industry because it suggests movies and series according to the preferences and habits of each user. If you know your customer well, you will be able to provide a differentiated service and data analysis is essential in this chapter. The marketing area is one that has the most to gain from the information generated by customers and potential customers. Through a correct analysis of this information, marketing teams will be able to adapt more easily to new scenarios and be able to direct marketing actions in a much more efficient way.

Commercial area

The commercial department needs information to live and to pursue opportunities. The more information you have about customers and potential customers, the easier it will be to get a deal business. With the information at your disposal, this industry will be able to more objectively analyze the pipeline moves and create more real forecasts about open business opportunities.

Human resources area

Many companies face the challenge of seeing their teams change multiple times in a short period of time. Without realizing why, they are not able to retain the best talent, which means that there is little stability. By analyzing the data, it is possible to get to know each employee better and help him to feel good in the workplace, thus avoiding his exit. It is important to know the motivations, long-term desires and opinions of the employees, since only in this way the management positions will be able to create a pleasant environment and where each employee feels good. Big Data in human resource management is a key factor in finding the right people for the right jobs. For example, through Big Data you can find out if people who have an interesting work experience are more likely to stay in the company for long periods of time or if the duration of previous experiences impacts on the performance of the current job. Based on these results, the company can focus on the most relevant factors at the time of recruitment.

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