The Best Tips for Surviving Computer Attacks

The Best Tips for Surviving Computer Attacks

Computer Attacks: How to Fight Them

It is increasingly difficult to ensure the security of information in companies as computer attacks are becoming more sophisticated and the ways to attack a company’s computer system are increasingly varied. However, there are practices that, if well applied, help to prevent hacker attacks or at least minimize their impacts. In today’s article we present the 5 best tips for surviving computer attacks!

Make backups frequently

This seems like a basic tip, but the truth is that in the hectic day-to-day business, many managers and IT managers eventually forget about it. It is critical that companies have the habit of keeping copies of the most important information in a separate system, preferably in the Cloud. In this way, you guarantee that even in case of computer attack you don’t lose the most valuable information.

Change passwords regularly

You must implement in the company the policy of changing the passwords after a certain time. Choose a strong, unique password that blends letters, numbers, and special characters. The main tip of Edward Snowden, one of the greatest security experts in the world, advises to use a complete sentence instead of single words. Don’t use the same password for all accounts and services. It is not safe to use the same password for all accounts because you run the risk of being attacked on all “fronts”.

Beware of links

If you receive an email with misspellings or with a strange appearance, don’t open the links directly from the email. It is safer to copy the address and open it directly in the browser. Many times these emails use fake and masked links so that you can download directly programs that will erase information from your computer or steal information from your email box. Whenever you mistrust an email, don’t forward it or click on any part of your content.

Keep your computer up to date

To keep you abreast of the latest system protection trends, it is imperative that you keep your computer up to date. Only in this way you will be able to keep up with the evolution of computer systems, and only then will you be able to keep yourself safe against the current technological panorama. It is completely inadvisable to use pirated software, because in addition to being illegal, these come often accompanied by malicious programs for computers.

Use a suitable antivirus

The antivirus cannot block a hundred percent a computer attacks, but it helps to hinder its entry into the system and it’s able to identify threats. Having an updated antivirus is a golden rule that should not be overlooked. Free anti-virus software only acts on a layer, checking only the files that run on the computer. Therefore, it is advisable to use a more sophisticated antivirus, since this alone ensures that all layers of information are protected.

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