7 Amazing movies about computer attacks

7 Amazing movies about computer attacks

Hollywood movies sometimes get inspiration from the world of spying, unbreakable codes, and computer attacks. Fiction and reality are in this case hand in hand, as there are more and more cyber-attacks in companies, as threats grow every day. In today’s article, we talked about the 7 best movies about computer attacks!

The Imitation Game

This film goes back to the time of World War II and portrays the life of the British cryptanalyst Alan Turing, known as the father of computing. The film shows us the whole process of building the riddle computer Enigma, a machine that had the function of decoding Nazi messages.

007: Operation Skyfall

This film is well known for a scene where a controlled explosion occurs over the Web. The film teaches us that theft of information and data on the Internet is very frequent and involves great risks. In this movie, there is a hacker headquarters, the film’s villains. Encryption is also quite present in this movie.


Thanks to the Matrix movies, simulated reality has grown a lot and is nowadays very popular. In this movie, cybercrime operations look more like witchcraft. The characters of the film try to escape the isolation of processes. Geeks are fans of this trilogy.


This movie involves everything: artificial intelligence, robots, conspiracies and hackers. This movie shows us an online virus scanner, called Viralator. It is a very interesting film that shows us the importance of these concepts for the business world.

Steve Jobs

It is important not to confuse this film with the movie Jobs, a commercial failure that didn’t please the public. Steve Jobs is a film that portrays the life of the most famous businessman in the technology market. This movie shows us the less beautiful side of the life of the co-founder of Apple, as it shows us its hacker aspect. In the film we can see the three most important moments in the life of Steve Jobs: the backstage of the launch of the Macintosh computer, the creation of the company NeXT and the launch of the iPod.


This film, directed by Michael Mann and starring Chris Hemsworth, tells the story of a prisoner who is a true genius of computing. He gets the opportunity to collaborate with police who are investigating a criminal network that operates between Los Angeles and Hong Kong. From there, he travels to several cities and uses his computer skills to prepare an ambush for criminals.


The film shows us Edward Snowden, from the National Security Agency that showed the public thousands of confidential US government documents, leading to conflicts with international relations. This film has been awarded worldwide, especially since it is not fiction but a true story.

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