Tips for improving your company’s data security

Tips for improving your company’s data security

Data security is increasingly important in companies, that must invest in training actions and technological equipment to ensure that their information is not lost. Never before has it been so much talked about protecting the data and this is because citizens are more informed and demanding about their privacy and also because computer threats are happening more and more. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to improve your company‘s data security!

Perform backups frequently

It is a tip that in theory everyone knows, but in practice few people practice with rigidity. Having a backup policy is critical to recovering lost or stolen data by third parties. Without a backup policy that involves all employees, it is much more likely that there will be data loss for misuse. It is necessary to educate employees and make them aware of the importance of protecting business information as much as possible.

Create confidentiality agreements

External companies that need to access your company’s confidential data must sign confidentiality terms. IT companies often need to access private company data, and there must be protection so that data does not go abroad. Signing a confidentiality agreement will greatly increase the commitment of the company that is working with us and will allow greater peace of mind for both parties!

Reduce the use of removable devices

Pens, CD’s and external disks can be the entry of many dangerous software into the corporate network, putting information security at risk. Using these devices outside the workplace can put private data at the mercy of anyone. It is not possible to completely eliminate the use of these devices, but it is important to restrict their use in some machines, in order to prevent viruses from propagating through the organization.

Have a disaster recovery plan

As much as the IT manager does his or her best, problems can always exist as computer threats are increasingly sophisticated. A disaster recovery plan can be the salvation of a company. This document contemplates all actions and procedures to be taken in case of failures, in order to recover the computer services without compromising the data. Problems with servers, machine failures and viruses on the network are some of the problems that can happen in a company and compromise all security.

Limit access to the most sensitive data

Not all employees should have access to the most sensitive data in the organization. Each employee should only have access to the data he really needs to perform his duties. There must be strict control over everyone who has access to confidential information, because human error is very likely to happen. Privileges should be minimized and access only to the information that each department needs.

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