Is your business protected against a computer attack?

Is your business protected against a computer attack?

Computer attacks are the order of the day. Increasingly, business data is important in day-to-day business, and IT managers are constantly looking for ways to make information more secure. Unfortunately, however careful we may be, we can never guarantee 100 percent that companies are free to suffer a computer attack. For this reason, it is essential that companies use the most appropriate tools to avoid and minimize as much as possible the occurrence of computer attacks. In this article, we’ll give you a checklist of steps you must take to see if your business is effectively protected from a computer attack!

Use antivirus

It sounds like too basic advice, but incredible as it may seem there are still companies that don’t look at antivirus as an important tool. It is essential to use a good antivirus and ensure that it is always up to date, because only this way you can avoid the entry of viruses.

Perform regular backups

It is essential that the most important information of your company has several copies, so that there is no risk of losing data forever. If you saved the data on external disks or pen drives a few years ago, it is now completely advisable to use the Cloud because it is one of the most reliable and reliable solutions on the market. In addition to having your data stored in a secure location, you can access it from anywhere and from any device, as long as you have access to the Internet.

Use encryption and data masking

Data encryption transforms information by using an algorithm so that there is no easy and perceivable access by third parties, but only by those who have the correct encryption key, the only key that can show the true content of the information. Data masking creates a version similar to the original data in terms of structure but without revealing its true information. Its original format remains unchanged but the data presented is fictitious. Masked data can be used in test and auditing environments without compromising the result of the analysis, but always ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. Datapeers is a tool that offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, replacing them irreversibly with fictitious but realistic data.

Use encryption in files

Files containing important and confidential information must be encrypted in order to ensure that only authorized persons can access the information. There are free solutions that allow you to put this functionality in the files, but it is advisable to do an exhaustive search on the best and safest, in order to choose the right tool.

And what to do when bad luck knocks on the door?

Even if you use all the right tools, there are situations where computer attacks can happen. In this case, it is important to have a tool that allows you to recover the state of the server just before the attack happens. And for this you need a time machine tool. RAAS is a disaster recovery service totally managed by specialized equipment and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds. The loss of data in a company can be fatal, even leading to its bankruptcy. In addition, a company that sees your data exposed will need to recover its good image and recover the trust with customers and other stakeholders. According to Gartner, only 35% of small and medium-sized companies are betting on a disaster recovery plan and these are the ones that most easily succeed. Thus such a solution is essential to minimize (and in some cases eliminate) the damage caused by the exposure of confidential data.

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