What the dark web can teach us about information security

What the dark web can teach us about information security

Dark web is a portion of the World Wide Web known for being used by black market visitors. It’s a set of encrypted networks that are hidden from the “normal” and visible Internet. Dark web sites are not found through search engines or via the link in a normal browser. The dark web is very appealing to criminals, since the domain and origins of information are disguised. This dark side of the Internet contains 7500 terabytes of data, a frighteningly higher value than the 19 terabytes that the visible Internet saves. This is a conducive environment for data theft and for cyber crimes, so we have a lot to learn from this medium. So, today we will address the main lessons that the dark web can teach us about information security.

Knowing trends in the malware market

The dark web has a large number of malware markets and looking at this activity can help companies and organizations better prepare to protect themselves from attacks. A practical example: if there is a growing trend of selling ransomware samples, this may mean a growing need for monitoring suspicious activity that may indicate an imminent attack. Being aware of what is going on in this world is a proactive action so we can be prepared for any hacking attacks.

Obtaining Profit Through Attack

The vast majority of people do not understand the motivations of those who conduct malicious attacks on the Internet. The dark web world helps us to understand your reasons. Cybercriminals are able to sell samples of malware, stolen data, confidential information, among other illegal things. The dark web shows us how the criminals of this world organize themselves and manage to sell things that a normal market could never do. The lesson to be retained is that a data loss from a business can be really dramatic as it may fall into the hands of criminals who will sell our confidential information on the dark web. Such a situation can lead to bankruptcy of a company.

Safety is the most important

Protecting data should be a top concern for companies and should invest heavily in this area to ensure privacy of confidential data. With the dark web we have learned that a small flaw in information protection can be fatal. We also learn that it is necessary to keep abreast of the main trends of this black world, since hackers are often finding increasingly sophisticated ways of attacking information.


Threats to the security of your data are there and can hit you when you least expect it. The trick is to guard yourself and provide your company with tools that will increase your defenses. Only in this way can you be one step ahead of cybercrime!

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