What is a Data Scientist?

What is a Data Scientist?

The new profession of the future, according to many predictions, is to be a data scientist. We live in an age where everywhere we are “bombarded” with information and it is no longer new that there is a huge amount of data that is generated daily. The so-called Big Data has changed everything, especially the way companies work. In a time when such a large amount of information exists, it becomes difficult to analyze all the data and make the right decisions. To help simplify this task, the data scientist emerged. In this article, we will explain to you what this professional of modern times does and what are his main goals!

What is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is an analytical professional who has the technical capabilities to solve complex problems and has come up to deal with the huge amount of unstructured data that companies have to deal with on a daily basis. This professional creates algorithms to extract insights from the data generated by the diverse sources of information and presents them in a practical and simple format to analyze by the decision makers, who will then be able to define strategies and decide the best way for the company.

Objectives of a Data Scientist

The data scientist has the challenge of collecting large amounts of data and presenting it in a readable format for managers and decision makers. It can even be said that this is the basis of its function and it was created to fill the need to understand the data. This data professional also has the function of keeping abreast of analytical techniques such as machine learning and text analytics. It is intended that the data scientist is always attentive to the evolution of the market in order to help the company to evolve as well.

In his daily work, this professional looks for patterns in the data and seeks to detect trends that can help a company’s results by improving processes and new ways of relating to the consumer. In day-to-day data scientist will work with a wide variety of programming languages, such as SAS, R and Python. Its function works in close collaboration with the business area and IT area. In fact, this professional aims to bring these two large areas closer together, drawing the best from each one of them for the success of the company.

What should a data scientist know?

The data scientist must have knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and a great ability to analyze the data. It should be able to prepare the data, converting the raw data into a format that is easily consumable by the management area. He or she should also have knowledge of coding languages ​​such as SAS, R or Python and databases such as MySQL and Postgres.

This is a very recent profession, so there is still no training that prepares data scientists for the market. However, there are already many professionals around the world who perform this function very well. The future is a “sea of ​​data” and it is urgent that there are competent professionals to “navigate” in this information age!

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