Find how to define security within your business processes

Find how to define security within your business processes

Computer attacks have increased in number and quality in recent years and the consequences for businesses are increasingly serious and unexpected. Security policies within organizations are gaining increasing importance and it is essential that they are also implemented in business processes. Depending on the severity of the computer attack, companies may suffer partial or total loss of data and this loss may even be irreversible. In today’s article, we leave you with some tips for setting security within your company’s processes!

In an analysis by Cisco in 2017, 22% of the companies surveyed cited loss of business opportunities following attacks, while 29% lost revenue and 22% even lost customers.

Frequently back up data that is essential to your business

Companies need to back up their data quite often, since they can only keep the data safe even in cases of failure. Cloud backup is increasingly used as it ensures a higher level of security and control of operations. In addition, it is also increasingly important to have a data recovery solution. RAAS is a disaster recovery service totally managed by specialized equipment and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds.

Sign rigid confidentiality terms

On many occasions, employees and IT service providers need to access confidential business data in order to be able to work. This inevitably poses a risk to businesses because their security may be compromised due to the access of several people to the information. In this way, it is advised that companies sign confidentiality agreements with these persons and entities in order to protect the data. This measure, in addition to increasing employees’ commitment to information security, also ensures legal protection for the company if the data is made public. It is advisable to impose sanctions in these documents in case of non-compliance.

Reduce the use of removable devices

Pens, CD’s and external disks can be the entry of many dangerous software into the corporate network, putting information security at risk. Using these devices outside the workplace can put private data at the mercy of anyone. It is not possible to completely eliminate the use of these devices, it is important to restrict their use on some machines, in order to prevent viruses from propagating through the organization.

Store only the data you need

The more data you have, the more likely you are to lose them. Many companies store all sorts of data and then end up doing nothing with them, putting them in a more vulnerable position. So it’s very important that you store only the data you really need. This applies especially to marketing. It is not worth creating forms with many fields, as you probably will not need to use all the data it collects. Focus on the essentials and save only the data essential for your activity.

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