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The Advantages of Masking Your Data with Datapeers

Protecting data is essential, especially the most sensitive data. No business wants to see its data exposed, as such a situation can lead a business to bankruptcy. More than ever, companies are concerned about the security of their information as a result of the growing importance that data has gained in recent years. One of the most effective ways to protect confidential information is through data masking. Data masking aims at creating a structurally identical but not equal version of the data. This technique creates a database with fictitious but realistic information that can be used for testing and training purposes. Data masking solutions offer a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, irreversibly replacing it with unrealistic data while maintaining referential integrity of the database. It is therefore a real and growing need in contemporary organizations. In today’s article, we present the advantages of masking your data with Datapeers!

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7 tips to ensure the security of your databases

Company databases contain valuable information that cannot be lost or exposed to third parties. A leak of information can compromise the security of an organization and can therefore jeopardize its continuity. With new data protection laws and increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable computer attacks, information security officials are increasingly aware of the need to protect sensitive data that contains private information about customers and vendors. In today’s article, we leave you 7 tips to ensure the security of your databases!

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GDPR: marketing opportunity or the end of digital communication?

Since the announcement of its arrival the new General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR) has caused controversy. Its application is not yet very clear for all companies, which creates some confusion and fears about its implementation. Most companies look at GDRP as an enemy of digital communication, but there are others who can see a marketing opportunity here that can help them grow. In today’s article, we will find out if the GDPR is a marketing opportunity or if it is the opposite: the end of digital communication!

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The Best Tips for Managing Databases

The customer database is very important for greater efficiency of internal processes. It is also through the knowledge generated by the databases that communication and marketing strategies are defined and sales are increased. All managers recognize the importance of databases because information is an increasingly important asset in today’s business world. In today’s article, let’s talk about the best tips for managing databases! Read More