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How does RGPD affect a business-customer relationship?

GDPR came into force in May 2018 and, after a troubled period of adaptation, companies are calmer and apparently better prepared to comply with the new legislation. However, there are still some doubts as to the actual changes that the GDPR will bring to companies. In today’s article, we explain how GDPR affects the relationship between companies and customers!

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How to treat sensitive personal data?

Companies are now more aware of the need to protect the personal data of customers and vendors with whom they work. In addition to the increased risk of computer attacks today, new data protection laws have added to this need to protect sensitive data. The GDPR has been in force since May in the European Union and Brazil is preparing to receive a new data protection law very similar to European legislation (Brazilian law is known as LGPD). Increasingly, companies need to treat their personal data correctly, failing to see their information exposed and, above all, to escape the large fines that the regulation applies to violators. In today’s article, we leave you important tips for dealing with sensitive personal data!

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How to avoid the GDPR fines?

GDPR has arrived and brings huge changes to how companies need to deal with the personal data of their customers and other stakeholders. The portability of data, the right to forgetfulness and the obligation (or not) of the existence of a general data protection officer are some of the main changes that the legislation brings. However, one of the major concerns of companies is related to the large fines that the law provides for offenders. The new GDPR focuses heavily on enforcement and penalties, through the application of high fines for offenders. In cases of minor breaches it may reach 10 million euros or 2% of the global turnover of the group in which the company operates and in the worst cases may reach 20 million euros or 4% of world turnover. So it is essential to know how to avoid the fines of the GDPR!

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Find how data protection can become a competitive advantage

Does Privacy Data Protection Create Value? Because there is no consensual and unambiguous answer to this question, there are still many companies that don’t devote the attention that data protection needs, jeopardizing the confidentiality of the information they generate on a daily basis, as well as the confidential data of their customers and other stakeholders. Data protection regulations, such as the new GDPR that came into effect on May 25, are good opportunities to look at security with a more responsible and closer view of the attention that this topic deserves. The truth is that data protection can become a real competitive advantage and in today’s article we will address this issue to eliminate all doubts related to this topic!

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The Best Tips for Managing Databases

The customer database is very important for greater efficiency of internal processes. It is also through the knowledge generated by the databases that communication and marketing strategies are defined and sales are increased. All managers recognize the importance of databases because information is an increasingly important asset in today’s business world. In today’s article, let’s talk about the best tips for managing databases! Read More

The Importance of Predictive Analysis for a Company’s Success

Guessing the future is something we would all like to achieve, whether in our private life and in our professional life. If we could know in advance that a major economic crisis would affect our company, we would be able to create an effective plan to minimize the impacts of this crisis. Predictive analysis doesn’t promise to guess the future, but it can help to create strategies that anticipate trends. In today’s article, let’s talk about the importance of predictive analytics for a company’s success! Read More

Analytical Intelligence: Predicting Customer Desires and Improving Sales

Nowadays, information is the most important resource in companies and more and more there is a greater investment and a greater concern to obtain reliable information. However, there are still many companies that do not give this issue the importance they should and ultimately lose fundamental data that are generated daily. The amount of data generated in a day-to-day business is vast and it becomes tricky to deal with so much information. Analytical intelligence has a crucial role to play and it is on this topic that today’s article focuses.

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