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Data management: How it works and how to do it?

In the quest for greater control over the quality of information, the best way to do this is to understand what quality is, and how important it is to the company in the process as a whole. Most companies consider data as crucial elements in their strategies. This is evident, because if the quality of the data is not satisfactory, the information will be incomplete, expensive and inconsistent, which in the end will bring enormous inconvenience to the fulfillment of the strategies.

The data can be considered active, and therefore must be managed. We know that the poor quality of the data compromises both the development of the projects and the final result, because without the establishment of effective data management, we can not expect a good quality of the data.

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4 tips for securing and organizing your business data

In recent years, technology has advanced a lot in terms of innovation and has completely changed the way business operates. Today it is almost impossible for corporations to sustain their business without the presence of information technology and the internet. One of the most modified aspects is related to the storage of business data and information. Read More

The Importance of Data Management for Decision Making

Business is composed of internal and external variables that directly impact the definition of strategies. The better the understanding of the data, the greater the impact on the decisions made. Data management, in particular Big Data, is of great importance for increasing business productivity. In today’s article, we address the importance of data management for decision making!

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What is the difference between ERP and a performance tool?

Nowadays, it is possible to find different tools that are extremely important when it comes to making office routine more efficient, producing more, and even measuring the performance of your company’s staff. Each one plays its part and to know what they do, learn the difference between ERP and a performance tool.To do so, check out this article the following topics

  • Difference between ERP and a performance tool;
  • What does an ERP software do?
  • What does a performance tool do?
  • What is the importance of technological tools.

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