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How to protect your company’s information in the coronavirus outbreak?

The coronavirus began to be reported in late 2019. It has reached almost 200 countries worldwide and has been causing fatalities all over the place. We live in a time of pandemic and not only will our health be affected, but the “health” of companies will also be threatened. A large number of organizations have adopted homeoffice as a way to protect their employees and prevent the spread of the disease. In an era when we all have to be more aware of protection, it is essential not to neglect the security of the data we deal with on a daily basis. In today’s article, we’ll see how we can protect information in the coronavirus outbreak!

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The Essential Guide to Information Security

Information security relates to data protection and all actions we take to prevent our information from being exposed. In today’s age of technology, data is the most valuable asset of any organization and must be protected. Every day thousands of new data are generated that need to be processed and that need to be safeguarded. Information security has been the top concern of IT managers and by 2020 it will remain a priority for organizations. We have selected some essential information security concepts. Follow us throughout this article!

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5 Fatal Mistakes for the Security of Any Business

Information security in companies is an increasingly debated topic. Companies need to protect themselves to ensure their data is not lost in the event of a computer attack or natural disaster. Although there is growing concern about this topic, many companies still make mistakes that can totally compromise business continuity. In today’s article we present the 5 fatal errors for the security of any business!

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