Trends in IT Management for 2019

Trends in IT Management for 2019

2019 has already arrived and with it has brought new trends in IT management. After a year in which information security was the theme of the day due to the arrival of the new general data protection regulation in the European Union, it is expected that this issue will continue to be of great importance to business. In today’s article, we will talk about the key IT management trends for 2019!

Data storage vs. data utility

Having information is having power and in recent years companies have been gaining greater awareness about this truth. However, many companies make the mistake of storing all the information they collect, believing that the more data they have, the better their performance. However, not always quantity is quality and in 2019 one of the main trends will be the automation of data collection processes, so that only the relevant information is stored by companies. In this way, the quality of the data will be greater and it will be easier for companies to make decisions and find the information they need to carry out their daily work.

Edge Computing

Today, due to the increased use of Cloud, companies have their IT infrastructure more centralized. Edge Computing is expected to gain more relevance by 2019, allowing Internet-generated data from Internet of Things and mobile devices to be processed wherever they are produced. This technological advance will allow the implementation of new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles.

Augmented Analytics

This form of data analysis uses machine learning to transform analytic content, modifying the way it is developed, consumed and shared. This type of analysis will be incorporated into business applications such as human resources, finance and marketing, among others, optimizing the decisions and actions of employees, because they will be endowed with the information they need to carry out their work. This new form of analysis will enable all employees to extract predictive and prescriptive insights from the data.

Digital Twins

This is a solution that aims to improve the processes of creation, testing and correction in the manufacture of new products. In fact, digital twins are nothing more than a copy of processes that exist in reality. At the same time that a product is developed in the physical world, its creation also happens in the virtual world. In this way, it is possible to carry out tests and analyzes before the product reaches the market. The main advantages of this technology are: reduction of production time, reduction of costs, greater capacity of adaptation, better forecast of profits and improvements of the forecast of risks and reduction of errors.


Chatbots are the stars of artificial intelligence. They are linked to the company’s database and use common language to talk to customers. They are able to recognize names and phone numbers to predict customer behavior. They are very intelligent systems in that they store the essential information so they can refer customers to the areas they need to consult. Ryanair, for example, already uses this system to talk to customers. More and more companies are using this functionality and it is expected that in 2019 there will be a great increase in their use.

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