Commercial partnership with Brazilian Delphos

IT PEERS has strengthened its presence in the Brazilian market through a new commercial partnership with the company Delphos, which is present in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. A pioneer in providing specific and specialized services to the Brazilian insurance market, Delphos is able to respond to all requests related to insurance, with solutions ranging from initial research and preliminary risk assessment to complete portfolio management.

In addition to providing information technology solutions to the insurance market, it is also experienced in product creation, claims regulation, technology development, telephone service for SACs and Ombudsman, and any other services that enable insurers to outsource some of their operational activities, or even all of them.

"Delphos is a very professional and very experienced company and we believe it is the ideal partner to continue to record the name of Datapeers in the Brazilian market. This moment is very important for us because Brazil is going through a restructuring of its legislation regarding data protection and will soon have a law very similar to our GDPR, "says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director of IT PEERS. "Companies will increasingly need data masking solutions so they can comply with the new law and Datapeers fulfills that purpose perfectly. We have already noticed an increase in demand for our solution and the trend is that this demand will increase a lot in the coming months, "he adds.

"With the opportunities provided by the General Regulation on Data Protection - GDPR, already existing in Europe and now being implemented in Brazil due to the new General Data Protection Law (LGPD), already approved in the Brazilian National Congress, Delphos believes that will have many opportunities to make Datapeers a software of great importance and reference in Brazil ", says Carlos Trindade, director of the Brazilian company.

With the partnership formed between the two companies, DELPHOS will represent Datapeers throughout Brazil, working on product disclosure, sales prospecting, solution deployment and after-sales support both in the insurance market and in companies of other activities, especially those linked to financial groups.


Datapeers is being implemented in Grupo BIAL

Datapeers started to be implemented in Grupo BIAL in June and this implementation, which emerged in the framework of the new General Regulation of Data Protection, has as main focus to guarantee the protection of the personal data that are contained in the database of BIAL through data masking techniques.

Datapeers offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, replacing them irreversibly with fictitious but realistic data. In this initial phase of the project a revision to the structure of the database was made and there were irrelevant tables for the development and testing activities. Datapeers, when creating masked databases, allows to eliminate unnecessary tables, which reduces database creation time as well as disk space, making it an extra benefit of using the product.

Founded in 1924, BIAL is an international pharmaceutical innovation company. Headquartered in Trofa, in the last decades the company's strategic lines have focused on Quality, Innovation and Internationalization. On average, in recent years, BIAL has channeled more than 20% of its annual turnover for Research and Development into the neurosciences and cardiovascular system. With products in more than 55 countries, BIAL has strengthened its international presence, which it wants to strengthen, particularly in the most important European pharmaceutical markets in the case of Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, where it has its own subsidiaries.

"The new General Regulation on Data Protection has intensified our concern with the data security of our customers and other stakeholders. After conducting an exhaustive market research, we found Datapeers and we are very pleased with what the product has to offer and we are convinced that we have made the right choice to protect our most sensitive information, "says Augusto Martins (Datacenter Operations).

It is estimated that the implementation of Datapeers in the BIAL group is completed by the end of July.


IT PEERS announces partnership with Stefanini Colombia

IT PEERS has established a partnership with Stefanini in Colombia, one of the most recognized technology companies in the Colombian market and one of the 100 best IT companies. Stefanini is a Brazilian multinational that is present in 39 countries, with more than 120 thousand affiliated members worldwide and employing more than 17 thousand employees. "Colombia is a growing country and has a dynamic and stable economy. We have worked to find a specialized partner to help us introduce our products in this market, "says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director.

"Due to the new data protection law that will take effect in 2018, there is a huge opportunity for Datapeers in the Latin American market, due to the high commercial transactions they have with the European Union. This great company looks at our Datapeers with very high acceptance expectations in the market where it operates. In fact, Latin America is undergoing a transformation in data protection legislation and Datapeers was elected by Stefanini to be the solution to present to its customers in Colombia" adds Jorge Santos Silva.

"Datapeers has the characteristic of allowing a fast implementation and in the short term our customers can solve the legal compliance challenges of data processing," says German Rodríguez, Stefanini's Senior Manager. "Our customers need this solution. With Datapeers, we will be able to cover the relevant aspects of data processing in software development and testing processes".

The first event organized by the two companies was a webinar on the data protection law in Colombia and how Datapeers helps companies meet all legal requirements. You can see the recording of the webinar here.

Datapeers | Proteja a sua informação
Datapeers | Proteja a sua informação

IT PEERS establishes a partnership with QX3 from Brazil

IT PEERS announces a partnership with Qx3, a software development company with over 13 years of experience in the Brazilian market, particularly in the financial and energy sectors.

This new partner has a proven track record within important industry verticals, therefore Qx3 will represent both Multipeers and Datapeers as a Premium Partner.

"QX3 is a very dynamic company offering products and services to clients that operate in segments regarded as priorities in the growth and consolidation strategy of IT PEERS for the Brazilian market. ( ... ) This partnership will allow QX3 to offer, to its customers, innovative products that can truly make a difference against the competition." stated Santos Silva, Channel Manager for Latin America.

IT PEERS establishes a strategic partnership with NA Solutions

Following a meeting at the CeBIT in Hannover, IT PEERS and the Mexican NA SOLUTIONS met again in Mexico City, during the CAM event, in order to officially establish their partnership. The signing ceremony took place at an event organized by the Portuguese Embassy in Mexico, and enjoyed a wide coverage in the local media. NA SOLUTIONS is a young and dynamic company that will represent both solutions Multipeers and Datapeers in the large market of Mexico as a Premium Partner.
Mexican economy is arguably one of the largest in Latin-American nations and a global emerging market. Enjoying a sustained GDP growth, Mexico has recently made technology a priority sector. "We have identified a great opportunity here, as Mexican companies are eager of state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, we believe that the right partner is crucial to meet the growing solutions demand," stated Jorge Duarte, CEO of IT PEERS.

NA SOLUTIONS has proved to be a true integrator with a solid portfolio of clients. In addition, they demonstrate strong commercial and technical capabilities, which allows them to respond with high professionalism to these growing demands with IT PEERS’ products. Therefore, "we can foresee a rapid evolution and market penetration." concludes Santos Silva, IT PEERS Latin America Business Director.

Datapeers | Proteja a sua informação
Datapeers | Proteja a sua informação

Thank you for visiting us at CeBit 2015

From the 16th to the 20th of March, for the second consecutive year, IT PEERS was in Hannover in Germany showcasing the latest innovations of its solutions at CeBIT, the world’s premier trade fair for the IT industry.

We would like to thank all our worldwide guests and partners for having visited us at our booth, located in the central Partner Country Pavilion, in Hall 6 Stand F02.

We highly appreciate your brisk interest in our solutions and for the many inspiring conversations, which greatly motivated us and confirmed our success, as well as our new partners that began there to work with us.