Product Information

Nowadays, due to the increasing threats of data security that companies face, it is necessary to re-evaluate the organization’s data management strategies. Similarly, action must be taken to comply with the new data protection regulations.

But how to protect sensitive data without compromising the quality of development?

The Solution 

Datapeers is an extremely valuable tool for database administrators, analysts or programmers. It is much more than just a data masking solution. It serves the dual purpose of masking sensitive production data, reducing data volumes while ensuring its integrity. In addition to substantially reducing costs, Datapeers increases the efficiency of IT teams and application development agility through the automated creation of tailored test environments, which helps reduce the time to produce quality software.

Masking confidential data is an essential component of a data security plan. Datapeers reduces the risk of data breach by replacing sensitive data with fictitious but realistic data. Masked data maintains referential integrity and is statistically defined, enabling testing, analysis, and business processes. The primary use of masked data is in non-production environments, such as test and development environments.