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Datapeers was created in response to the needs of the market. For organizations to be effectively protected, it is critical that they implement corporate strategies to ensure the confidentiality of their information. Technological evolution has turned data into the most important asset of any modern organization, since it is from data that managers can analyze their clients’ behaviors and make important decisions for the future.


Datapeers is purely meta-model based and therefore allows the use of various types of databases

Data masking

Offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, replacing them with fictitious but realistic data

Data Integrity

Automatically detects data dependencies and captures hidden correlations

Increased productivity

Minimizes time and improves the quality of implementation of non-production environments

Data Security

Provides the ability to share data securely by effectively masking sensitive data

Costs reduction

In addition to substantially reducing costs, Datapeers increases the efficiency of IT teams and the agility of application development

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