Real Case


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A large retail bank with more than 3.5 million customers, huge operations in Retail, Private Banking, Corporate Banking and digital platforms with a presence in several markets and countries in the world. This company is highly regarded as a world leader in Retail Banking and Finance.


A highly complex QA environment supporting over 200 applications using different technology stacks, databases and interdependencies. The last refresh of the environment was 6 years ago. No data masking was ever applied on data supplied to third parties. An extremely high level of resources – both human, with an average of 8 FTE’s and technical, with over 40 concurrent environments – was allocated to managing this.


  • Automated test environment creation;
  • Automated scrambling/masking of sensitive data;
  • Provides the ability to generate humanly readable test data;
  • Allows the ability to maintain data consistency between different environments.

Datapeers | Proteja a sua informação


  • Less effort and less cost
  • Full process automation
  • Less long term staff requirements
  • Simple, complete and environment refreshes
  • Automated Test Data – quality and usefulness
  • What If Scenarios – controlled and secure data
  • Environment is now an integrated suite – integrity and data protection are guaranteed

Measured ROI

Datapeers | Proteja a sua informação

  • 75% reduction in Headcount
  • Time to deploy new environments – shortened by an average of 50%
  • Now less than 35% of the average re-test cycle required (data quality)
  • Significant reduction in software defects going to production