5 Security Mistakes That Compromise Your Data Security

5 Security Mistakes That Compromise Your Data Security

Data is becoming increasingly important to companies and action must be taken to protect it from loss and theft. However, there are many companies that still don’t pay due attention to data security and endanger all business continuity. In today’s article, we addressed the 5 security mistakes that compromise your data!

Don’t make IT audits

IT audits are very important and seek to optimize available resources through the help of an outside company. These services are very useful because outside companies are able to gain a more unbiased view of problems within the organization. Despite being a low cost solution, companies are still afraid to resort to this service because they have to share confidential information. This is a very common mistake, as audit firms adhere to high security standards, ensuring that shared data is not lost or exposed.

Work without a contingency plan

Planning is critical so that nothing gets out of control. If you use a cloud backup service for data recovery you must have a contingency plan that allows your company to be ready to take action in case of problems with the chosen service. You must address all possibilities, ranging from the simplest and most probable to the most complex and unlikely. You should have copies of your data ready to go in case something gets lost and be ready to change the server right away if needed.

Don’t update software

In addition to making systems more current and efficient, software updates allow you to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities. The company should invest in effective software update methods so that whenever a new update comes out it will be installed on the equipment. However, installing automatic updates is not advised. The IT manager should always evaluate the available update so that there are no compatibility issues.

Having an infrastructure that is unsuited to business reality

Each company has its particularities and should take this into account when defining a data backup strategy. A solution that works well for your neighboring company may not be right for your business. You should not just look at price or storage space: all the factors and specifics of your business should be considered to choose the infrastructure that suits you best.

Lack of frequent monitoring

While there are mechanisms that ensure the ability of all users to access resources, cloud backup services should be monitored. This point is essential because despite the assurance that the solution you hire is always available and at the highest level of performance, there is always a likelihood that the company will have difficulty accessing the resources needed for its daily work.

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