5 Free tools to protect your data

5 Free tools to protect your data

Data protection is mandatory on these days. More than ever, privacy threats exist and it is vital that you take steps to prevent your information from being exposed to third parties. It’s true that sophisticated data protection programs come at a cost, but there are free tools that help you protect your information. In today’s article, we’ve covered 5 free tools to protect your data!


During a day’s work, we use dozens of online services and it is very important that the passwords are stored in a safe place (and not in a post it or an Excel file). KeyPass is a free program that allows the login data to be stored, avoiding forgetting and protecting the information of any attacks. The free version of this application allows the storage of 10 passwords.


This free program allows you to encrypt files and folders. The content of your computer will thus be safe from attacks by unauthorized persons accessing your information. Only those who know the password can edit and share the protected content. Chiave is a mandatory program nowadays due to growing security threats.

WiFi Manager

This program is very important if you have the habit of connecting to the Web through wireless networks. It is imperative that you keep your Wi-Fi networks protected from potential attacks. This program allows the management of wireless connections and it is possible to detect and previously block threats and vulnerabilities in the network.

Comodo Antivirus

This antivirus is simple to install and has a database updated minute by minute. Your updates are done automatically and are able to block malware action before they attempt to infect the system. The presence of something suspicious causes the program to act. It is very easy to use and very intuitive.

Secunia PSI

One of the tricks to always keep in mind to keep your information safe is to update the programs you use. Updates fix security holes that may be the target of virus and malware attacks. Secunia SPI is a free program that allows you to update the programs installed on your computer in a quick and simple way.

It is essential that you take preventive actions to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data. Online threats are getting bigger and more sophisticated, which requires constant concern about information security. Your data in the “hands” of third parties can mean the end of your business. So protect your information and ensure the integrity of your business!

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