Best practices for storing data in the Cloud

Best practices for storing data in the Cloud

Storing data in the Cloud is a trend increasingly present in companies around the world. However, companies don’t always use this tool in the best way, making mistakes that may jeopardize the security and privacy of your information. Proper use of cloud storage can have huge benefits for business, so it is essential to use the cloud in the best way possible. In today’s article, we present the best practices for storing data in the Cloud.

Plan the migration to the Cloud

You must decide which files and programs will migrate to the cloud. Likewise, it is necessary to always have a prepared different Plan: if the Cloud service fails, how can employees continue working? Activating a disaster plan and frequently doing backups are two good options to minimize impacts if something goes less well. As with all areas of a business, planning is also a matter of storage.

Definition of accesses

In order to guarantee the privacy and security of your information, different levels of access must be defined for different users. It’s not advisable that all employees have free access to all of the content of the Cloud. To ensure data security, each employee must have access only to the information he or she needs to carry out their work. In this way, access to business information is much better controlled.

Safety first

Nothing is a hundred percent foolproof and one of the major drawbacks of cloud technology is that a company’s data and files run the risk of being unprotected. Security issues should be planned at an early stage at the time of transition from site to cloud. Information that is really very sensitive should not be migrated abroad. However, more and more cloud technology proves that it is safe and security risks will be increasingly reduced.

High-speed Internet access

Cloud technology calls for good Internet access. If there is no good server and a good data connection, access to the cloud will be more time consuming and complicated. The tendency is to blame the Cloud Computing services but for the most part the problem is internal. So before migrating your files to the Cloud it is essential that you ensure that your Internet access service works well.

Find the different options on the market

There is the widespread and misguided idea that any Cloud Computing service does. However, a Cloud Computing service is just like any other and should be chosen according to the specific needs of the company. Do an exhaustive market research to ensure that you choose the right option for your business. Otherwise, you risk paying for a service you do not need or not covering all the needs that your business has!

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