How to ensure privacy on social networks?

How to ensure privacy on social networks?

More and more companies use the various social networks to communicate with their customers and potential customers. It is very common to see big brands investing in advertising on Facebook and Instagram and depending on the area of ​​activity. many companies also use Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. In a time when data privacy is the most talked topic for marketers, it is essential to know how to ensure corporate privacy on social networks. See our tips below!

Different passwords for each profile

It is common to use the same password for all of our accounts, but this is a big mistake that should be avoided. We run the risk of someone discovering the password of one of our accounts and there goes all our information! So it’s important that you set a different password for each social network. Use long passwords with different types of characters. If you cannot remember all the passwords, use a password manager, such as KeePass.

Use only one device to access social networks

The policy used in the company to ensure the protection of information must also be applied to the management of social networks. It is not advisable for multiple collaborators to have access to the profiles, nor that access to them can be done through multiple devices. A person responsible for the management of accounts in the different social networks must be appointed and access to them must always be made from the same device.

Be careful when surfing the Internet

Don’t give a chance for hackers to attack you. Frequently delete cookies and always log out when leaving social networks and email services. Don’t connect to public networks to get into your social network accounts because public networks are not secure and your passwords can be easily discovered.

Empower employees

There should be practical training for the presentation of information security policy, which should contain rules for the management of accounts in social networks. The company must collect individual statements from its employees, committing themselves to comply with the rules contained in the document. This manual should be easily accessible to employees and should be reviewed frequently so that it is kept up-to-date.

Use lock codes

Use lock codes on your computer and mobile phones. It may seem like a basic rule and too obvious but companies often forget to apply it and when they apply it they use words that will easily be discovered. Use a complicated password with numbers, letters and special characters. This will make the lives of hackers more difficult.

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