How to optimize your company’s data management?

How to optimize your company’s data management?

It is essential to analize data in order to make the best possible decisions. The data must be organized so that we can provide relevant information about the actual state of the business, because only then we will be able to decide consciously. Companies are currently experiencing difficulties in organizing and structuring data as there is more and more information (the so-called Big Data) and managers don’t always know how to deal with it. In today’s article we leave you some essential tips for optimizing the results of your business through a correct data management!

Manage at information speed

Real-time data analysis is a growing need in the business world and is an ever-present reality in many companies. Many managers base their decisions on reports with a few days and this makes the company reactive and not proactive, which is a mistake in today’s competitive world. It is important for managers to know the state of the business at all times so that they can make the right decisions. Business monitoring software such as Multipeers provide you with real-time information in a graphically clean and interactive way, while still allowing you to set alerts so that you are warned whenever a situation requires your attention.

Analysis of KPIs

Companies currently produce thousands of data in a short time, making it impossible to analyze all the available indicators. KPIs (key performance indicators) tell us if the company is going the right way. It is critical that managers define the most relevant KPIs so they can see if the expected results are being achieved. Since it is humanly impossible to evaluate all indicators, it is imperative that the manager focuses on those that show exactly what the current state of the business is.

Methods of improving management processes

The Kaizen method seeks continuous improvement and uses several methodologies such as PDCA, 5S, among others. For methodologies to succeed in business, it is essential that reports are created automatically so that information is available to the entire organization. In this way, there will be a continuous improvement in the management processes and the decisions taken.

Security of data

More than ever, data security has been so widely spoken in organizations. There are more and more threats in the digital world and it is really necessary for companies to take security measures so they don’t run the risk of seeing their confidential information exposed. Due to the new data protection law, to come into force in May 2018, companies have given special attention to the security sector. There are products that can guarantee the security of your data. A good example is Datapeers, which allows, among other things, data masking.

Knowing is power and companies are gaining an effective awareness of the need to manage data assertively and effectively. More than ever, it is necessary to analyze all internal and external information so that the right decisions can be made towards success!

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