How can the IT manager protect company against cybercrime?

How can the IT manager protect company against cybercrime?

The numbers are clear: in 2016 more than 978 million people, in 20 different countries, were victims of some kind of cybercrime, according to data from Norton Cyber ​​Security. Computer attacks are on the rise all over the World and this is a result of the digitization of business and of our daily lives too. As more and more devices are connected to the Web, there are also more and more gateways for digital criminals. In the business world, a computer attack can have fatal consequences for business continuity, so it is imperative that security is seen as a real and ever-growing need. In today’s article, we will answer the following question: how can the IT manager prepare for cybercrime?

Identify the most vulnerable points

The IT manager needs to do preventive work by analyzing all of the company’s data, software, and processes to see what points are most susceptible to cyberattacks. At this stage, the IT manager must identify which files are most important to the organization and should immediately back up this information.

Use masking of data in test environments

Data masking solutions allow data to be protected as long as they are being worked on in test environments until they are stored. Data masking creates a structurally identical version of the database, but it is exchanged for realistic but fictitious data. This makes the data protected and confidential. A manual process to protect data consumes a lot of time and human resources so the best option is to resort to tools that do the process automatically, such as Datapeers.

Train employees

Employees need to be informed about the importance of protecting information and only with proper training will they be aware of this need. Employees have in their possession valuable company information, such as customer contacts, credit card codes or confidential projects. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that the data they have is not lost. Ongoing training on forms of data protection is vital in today’s companies.

Create rigid confidentiality agreements

External companies that need to access your company’s confidential data must sign confidentiality terms. IT companies often need to access private company data, and there must be protection so that data does not go abroad. Signing a confidentiality agreement will greatly increase the commitment of the company that is working with us.

Have a disaster recovery solution

As much as the IT manager does his or her best, problems can always exist as computer threats are increasingly sophisticated. A disaster recovery plan can be the salvation of a company. This document contemplates all actions and procedures to be taken in case of failures, in order to recover the IT services without compromising the data. Problems with servers, machine failures and viruses on the network are some of the problems that can happen in a company and compromise all security. RAAS is a solution that allows you to recover virtual servers in seconds, ensuring that no information gets lost even in extreme attack cases.



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