How to protect your company’s information in the coronavirus outbreak?

How to protect your company’s information in the coronavirus outbreak?

The coronavirus began to be reported in late 2019. It has reached almost 200 countries worldwide and has been causing fatalities all over the place. We live in a time of pandemic and not only will our health be affected, but the “health” of companies will also be threatened. A large number of organizations have adopted homeoffice as a way to protect their employees and prevent the spread of the disease. In an era when we all have to be more aware of protection, it is essential not to neglect the security of the data we deal with on a daily basis. In today’s article, we’ll see how we can protect information in the coronavirus outbreak!

Control access to information

At this stage when employees are working outside the office, they need to be made aware of the need to properly protect company information. It is advisable to have access control to information, granting access only to the information that each person needs to perform their function.

Don’t use removable devices to store important information

A company’s confidential information should preferably be stored in the Cloud, as this type of solution offers a high level of security. In addition, there should be multiple copies of the most important information, so there is no risk of losing important data. In case of extreme need to store data on removable devices, they must be encrypted and must only be accessed by people who really need to work with that information.

Use data masking to handle sensitive information

The masked data can be used in test environments and in audits, not compromising the result of the analysis, but always guaranteeing the confidentiality of sensitive information. At a time when it is increasingly important to protect confidential information, the use of data masking has increased significantly. With data masking, you can use sensitive data in test environments and ensure that confidential information remains unshakable. This masked information can be used for marketing and auditing purposes, as well as for analysis of consumer behavior and market trends. Datapeers is an example of a program that can be used for this purpose.

Use a VPN connection

A VPN network is a virtual private network that transmits encrypted data as it navigates from one point to another in the Web world. Connecting via the VPN allows the user to browse websites securely and privately. VPN connections are increasingly used, as they allow remote access to local files and are a safe way to browse through public Wi-Fi networks. This type of connection has been gaining more and more importance due to the increase in labor mobility. Nowadays, employees send e-mails and share files from anywhere, so it is essential to apply this rule in companies.

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