What to do when computer disaster happens?

What to do when computer disaster happens?

It is no longer news that companies need to protect their information more and more. We live in a highly digital world and therefore the threats have proliferated at a very fast speed. Nowadays companies need to effectively use data security solutions, otherwise they will be able to see their confidential information exposed. A security breach can be dramatic for a business, and may even dictate its end. When a computer disaster knocks on our door, it is normal for us to be disoriented and at an early stage we do not know what to do. In today’s article, we leave you some tips on what to do in case of computer disaster!

Real impact analysis

After the initial phase of panic and the worry that is normal there is time to analyze the real impact that the disaster will have on the company. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate what needs to be done, what data have been most affected, among other aspects that are essential for the good functioning of the company. It is essential that the company can organize itself in terms of priorities at this stage, otherwise it may have to stop all its production, which will have negative consequences for the overall results.

Organize and redo tasks

After realizing what the real impact of the computer disaster is for the company, it is necessary to organize the work that had already been done previously. Sometimes a computer disaster brings to the surface work done years ago. It is important to be aware that at this stage the old work and the current job will overlap, which will make the workload of the employees increase significantly. It is necessary to make good time management so as not to lose the old job and at the same time do not harm the current tasks and it is important that you can keep motivated employees in this phase of greater stress.

Review the company’s safety standards

It is not always possible to perceive the source of a computer disaster but it is important that after an analysis the way your company handles with highly confidential and sensitive data. If there is no security policy, it is a good idea to create it right now. The security policy is a document developed by the company that records the principles of security that the company adopts and that must be followed by the employees. The security policy should be applied to all information systems, both desktop and mobile. For policy to be respected, it is essential that top managers participate in the implementation. It should also establish fines for misuse of the company’s IT resources. There should also be rules on access to websites and recommendations on the use of the provided electronic devices.

And remember…

… more important than solving problems, is acting proactively! To do this, you must now implement a disaster recovery solution. We advise RAAS. RAAS is a disaster recovery service totally managed by specialized equipment and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds.

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