Data security is an increasingly important issue in the future of companies, so it is essential to find solutions that prevent a possible breach. One of the most efficient ways to prevent it is to ensure that sensitive data is masked through a consistent, controlled and compatible solution with the organization’s entire information system.

In order for data masking to happen easily and quickly, we suggest that some requirements are met in its implementation:

1 – Ensure compatibility

The masking functions must produce data that allows a correct use by the applications, free of restrictions, that is, the data must be recognized by all applications and allow their normal use.

2 – Speed ​​and flexibility in implementation

The use of different systems requires the implementation of the most varied forms of data masking. Therefore, a correct configuration will guarantee speed, flexibility and uncomplication throughout the process.

3 – Preservation of integrity

As the data is transformed into several tables, the integrity of foreign keys and references between applications must be preserved. This is one of the biggest challenges presented by a masking process.

4 – Flexibility of execution

The software must be flexible and be able to run on all systems and databases in the organization. When masking all available data, it must be possible to differentiate criteria according to the level of criticality of each type of information.

5 – Without any exposure

During masking, real data should never be exposed, not even in the middle of the process. Most in-house scripting tools and processes fail this important security criterion.


This is some advice for data masking to be carried out effectively and completely safely. However, the best software and the guarantee of a supplier that provides constant updates and support services, will make all the difference when choosing the masking solution for your company.

With Datapeers you will have a fast implementation service, with high performance and a team that guarantees total success in masking and protecting your data.

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