Simple tips to ensure the privacy of your data

Simple tips to ensure the privacy of your data

We have never been as concerned about privacy as we are today. Our privacy can be invaded at virtually any time, from data theft on Facebook or theft of bank data. Actually, there are more and more computer attacks, but it is also our responsibility. It is crucial to have good habits to keep our data safe. We have selected a few simple tips to protect the privacy of your data and present them in this article!

Protect your devices with strong passwords

Most people do not put passwords on their equipment. Mobile phones and computers contain a lot of information about us, so leaving a computer or mobile phone unlocked is the same as leaving your door unlocked and going on vacation! Create a strong password and preferably do not repeat the same password on different devices.

Avoid using removable devices

Pens, CDs and external disks may contain malicious material that harms the company. By passing these devices from computer to computer, the likelihood of contaminating the equipment with viruses is very high. In addition, sharing data with people outside the business can greatly compromise data security. However, it is virtually impossible to completely eliminate these everyday devices from their employees. It is difficult to completely eliminate the use of these devices but you can and should implement rules that minimize the risk of data loss, such as the need to pass the antivirus before opening a pen, for example. This already helps to ensure the protection of information.

Use firewall, antivirus and anti-spam

The most basic (and most overlooked) measure to prevent virtual attacks is to install firewall filters and antivirus software. Antivirus will ensure that your computer detects any intrusion attempts and can verify that your mobile devices are clean. It is essential that all computers, mobile phones and removable devices are protected, as only one element is affected to infect the entire company network.

Always sign confidentiality terms

On many occasions, employees and information technology service providers need access to confidential company data in order to work. This is inevitably a risk to companies as their security may be compromised due to the access of many people to information. Accordingly, companies are advised to sign confidentiality agreements with such persons and entities in order to protect the data. This measure not only increases employees’ commitment to information security, but also ensures the company’s legal protection if data is made public. It is advisable to have sanctions contemplated in these documents in case of non-compliance, because when there are sanctions, the level of commitment is higher!

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