Top 5 movies about hacker attacks

Top 5 movies about hacker attacks

The seventh art often imitates real life and even hacking attacks are out of the history of cinema. Hackers are an invisible threat, but increasingly more real and more present in corporate life. More than ever the protection of information was so in vogue and in today’s article we will cover the top 5 movies about hacking attacks!

War Games (1983)

This is our first choice because it is a movie created in a time when computers were still a mystery to most people. In the 1980s, few people knew how to use a computer. The film tells the story of David Lightman (played by Matthew Broderick), a genius in the area of ​​computer science and passionate about games that can get very easily into the computer system of the school to change their grades. His talent for computing takes on other proportions when he is invited to invade the American defense system, creating a conflict that was difficult to resolve during the Cold War.


The Matrix trilogy tells the story of Neo (Keanu Reeves), a man hired by a group of rebels who is against the domination of machines. Upon leaving the “matrix”, Neo discovers that he lived in a frightening reality, without ever having taken it for granted. This trilogy is almost mandatory for fans of technology because in addition to being very well made films and unforgettable action scenes, raises very interesting and philosophical questions about the concept of augmented reality.

The Fifth Power (2013)

This film tells the story of Julian Assange, a hacker who created Wikileaks (role played by Benedict Cumberbatch). Julian Assange is an obsessive person with a relentless personality regarding the release of sensitive information from the Wikileaks website. Despite being an interesting film that mixes ethics with technology, the film has not been very successful. Still, we consider it to be one of the best in your area!


This trilogy shows us much more than hackers and computer attacks, also addressing issues such as abuse. Lisbeth Salander (played by Rooney Mara) is a hacker who can easily hack into computer systems and steal passwords. Due to a troubled childhood, he is too introverted and insecure, although he is a computer genius. Thanks to his talent, he can help a journalist solve a disappearance case that occurred in the 1960s.

Hackers (1995)

This movie tells us about a kid who can invade and neutralize 1507 computers in New York City, causing serious financial problems in the city. The film shows us the relationship of the boy with other hackers and deep down his plot focuses on a fight between them. It is much appreciated by technology lovers due to the realism of the dialogues between the characters.

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