Cybersecurity investment

Cybersecurity investment

Global market investment in cybersecurity has increasedand it is estimated that throughout 2020, it will grow up to 5.6% according to data from the Canalys studyThe investment is expected to reach 43.1 billion dollars in network security servicesendpoints, web, e-mails, vulnerabilities and security analysis.  36% of expenditures correspond to maintaining network security. This widespread increase was a consequence of the increase in remote work and the need for companies to remain competitive. 

Investing in cybersecurity allows you to ward off virtual threats and therefore protect your company and customers financially. Whenever customers realize that they are putting their data at risk, they will consequently lose their confidence. 

Discover 4 reasons why you should invest in cybersecurity: 


Only users or systems with permission can read and manipulate certain sensitive information. Maintaining access control allows data to not be vulnerable to malicious software or hackers.  Maintaining confidentiality through data encryption is one of the most secure and effective techniques. Even if there is a data leak, hackers will not be able to decode the extracted information. 


Keeping information from being modified by third parties is essential. When data is changed by third parties, they are no longer reliable, undermining all the credibility of their information systems. 


Sharing, exchanging data and documents via the cloud is something that significantly increases the teams’ productivity. Investing in the cloud allows people, wherever they are, to stay active through the internet. For teams to focus on the essential, companies can create filters that block access to any page that has no connection with the work environment, creating a greater focus on the tasks to be performed. 

Targeted Attacks 

Many of the attacks on the Internet are directed at certain targets. Hackers are well aware of how they should act to reach their targets, and social networks and email are a very common vehicle for spreading malicious links. 

To be able to target a particular company, hackers first exploit the weaknesses of their network of partners and contacts, thus looking for a weak point that makes their entry possible. 

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