Find the relationship between data intelligence and productivity

Find the relationship between data intelligence and productivity

Companies produce data every day. In the competitive market of today, it is indispensable to save time in the execution of the processes and that is why more and more companies use data management programs that perform the most diverse tasks. Using data wisely makes your company more competitive and productive. In today’s article, we talk about the relationship between data intelligence and productivity.

More effective management

A data intelligence strategy enables better communication between the various departments of the company, making management more effective and integrated. This will facilitate the analysis because there will be a global and integrated vision of all areas of the company, which allows a more conscious decision making with a direct impact on productivity.

Automated processes

Data intelligence aims to reduce the need for human intervention in routine and more bureaucratic tasks, while optimizing processes. This will free staff for tasks that require their intervention, reduces the risk of human error, and increases productivity gains.

Best risk analysis

With data intelligence it is easier to analyze situations objectively, reducing the risk of making decisions that compromise the company’s success. With information always available, it is easier to check product in and out, project lead times, and marketing campaign results.

Integration of information

Integrating all company data into the same software (such as Multipeers, for example) allows the search for information to be more efficient. In this way, it is also possible to analyze the company’s KPI’s and always be updated about everything that goes on in the organization.

Better consumer knowledge

The vast amount of data that companies are currently collecting on consumers is very advantageous for us to get to know our target audience well. The more knowledge we have about our target, the better the service we give them. This applies especially to communication and marketing campaigns that are increasingly directed to the real needs and specificities of each client.


Companies today need to know how to analyze their data effectively, because only then they can keep up with the competition. It is not enough to make weekly reports and look at obsolete data: it is critical that the data be analyzed in a timely and critical and integrated way. In this way, managers make more thoughtful and realistic decisions and in the end business productivity will increase!

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