Security Trends for 2020

Security Trends for 2020

2019 is rapidly moving towards its end and it is time for us to anticipate trends. The area of ​​information security has been one of the main concerns of companies, due to the high number of threats that companies face and also due to the recently legislation in Europe and Brazil. By 2020, security will continue to be a priority for companies wishing to ensure that their data remains confidential. In today’s article, we present the top security trends for 2020!

Software as a service

It has been a trend over the last few years, but it is believed that 2020 will be the year when software as a service (SaaS) will be the most followed paradigm by companies. SaaS combines services and technology in a very practical and efficient way. Selling software as a service rather than as a product is beneficial to the customer who can increase the power of the contracted service to meet their actual needs. In the area of ​​information security this will certainly be a trend, as each company needs a tailor-made solution, with completely standard software inefficient to meet different needs.

Backup as the biggest risk area for companies

Most organizations store backups of large volumes of personal data without much concern for their security and no plans to use this information. Big data increases the risk of attack and loss, so it is the largest area of ​​privacy risk that exists. In addition, data privacy laws are penalizing companies that store personal data that is not needed. By 2020, companies that fail to review and improve their data retention policies are expected to be penalized for non-compliance.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to think like humans. This term defines your ability to learn, reason and decide autonomously and intelligently. Today there are systems that can learn, adapt and act autonomously. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and this is a rapidly evolving area. Businesses need to adapt so they can win in the marketplace, and information security is one of the ones that can most benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence as machines can now detect a system intrusion and take immediate action. minimizing or even preventing information loss and exposure.


Blockchain is very fashionable due to the increasing use of cryptocurrencies, but its use goes far beyond that. This technology makes transaction logging much safer. This technology has innovated in the way of recording information, which provides a new way of working with data in the web world. However, Blockchain is not just used in the world of cryptocurrencies. Also in the health field this technology can be used as it allows the whole movement of data to be recorded, which increases their security.

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