Top 5 series for true technology lovers

Top 5 series for true technology lovers

Watching a series is a time to relax, but it can also be a time to learn. Technological innovations don’t cease to emerge and so content producers are dedicated to writing scripts focused on technology and how it can help (or complicate) our lives. There are mandatory series for true tech fans and in today’s article we highlight the top 5 series that you should watch!

Black Mirror

This series had to be the first on the list! It is an anthological series of science fiction that explores a very near future in which human nature and the most advanced technology enters a conflict that can be fatal for the human race. This series has four seasons and in each episode there is a different story and a cast and also different scenarios. All episodes deal with complex and disturbing issues related to modern society regarding the (often exaggerated and inconsequential) use of technology in our daily lives. Some of the episodes are really disturbing and make us wonder if we are no longer slaves to technology.


This Netflix series shows us a post-apocalyptic World, where a series of unexpected events swept the planet. The series shows us Brazil divided into two distinct parts: the Continent, where everyone lives in the deepest misery, and the Maralto, an area of ​​total abundance and wealth. Whoever wants to enter the Maralto is subject to a rigorous process with several phases, using high technology, physical and mental games, among other tests that have technology as protagonist. The problem is that only 3% of the candidates will get a place in Maralto.

Altered Carbon

This series shows us a World in which after 250 years on the ice the main character regresses in a new body with a single mission: solve a complicated mystery and conquer his freedom. It’s a futuristic series in a World where people can freeze their consciousness in capsules and change their bodies several times without dying. The main character uses artificial intelligence, virtual reality and big data to unravel the complex murder that gives motto to the series.


This series is based on a true story. The series follows a tech pro, Walter O’Brien, who hacked into NASA when he was still a child. Now that he is an adult, he is part of a team of geniuses of technology that is called to save the World from digital threats. The main character’s mission is to use his knowledge for humanity, the same knowledge and skills that caused him problems with the government as a child.


After finding the mother without life, Satoru uses his gift of time travel to try to avoid, 18 years before before, his death and the death of three colleagues. In this series, it’s addressed the issue of “revival”, the possibility of using technology to travel to the past.

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