How to implement digital transformation in your company without compromising security?

How to implement digital transformation in your company without compromising security?

The digital transformation in companies has come to stay. Nowadays, a company that doesn’t exist online is almost as if it didn’t exist and is easily surpassed by the competition that is well present in the digital world. Digital technologies have redefined the way companies do business, changed how we relate to customers and how we communicate with them, but they also present us with a number of security challenges. Since there are more digital channels and more sources of information, the likelihood of an attack is higher than in the past. In today’s article, we leave you some tips to implement digital transformation in your business without compromising security!

Redefine business with a focus on security

Digital transformation is much more than just including technology in every company process. Digital transformation is a change that affects all areas of the business and requires cultural change, which can only be achieved if employees are willing to change. It is important to analyze the market of your company and define a strategy for the future, identifying potential threats and opportunities, adapting the whole company’s performance. It is also essential that you train your employees so they are sensitized to the importance of protecting information in all areas of the business. Only with a team committed to data security will the desired results be achieved.

Keep yourself updated

When a company decides to invest in digital transformation, it must be aware that it is necessary to be constantly updated on trends and technological innovations and on the most important products to keep up with market trends. Artificial intelligence is the biggest trend for the next few years, according to a Gartner study released in 2016. It is believed that more and more the customer relationship through digital means will be done using chatbots. Cloud storage is also a trend. According to a survey by IDC, by 2020 about 67% of software spending will be related to cloud storage tools. Cloud storage is one of the most secure ways to keep your data protected.

Don’t work alone

The shift from an analog paradigm to a digital paradigm can be quite arduous for companies that do not have the experience they need. In these situations, it is advisable to hire external support because you may be taking actions that jeopardize the security of your business data. Specialized companies have more experience and more technical knowledge on the subject and will be more prepared to face the challenges that have come up along the way.

Perform backups frequently

It is essential to keep a copy of all the databases that exist in the company, as this ensures that even in situations of attack information is not lost. However, it is important to note that these copies should be stored on separate servers, because if they are all in the same place, they will eventually lose everything. Backing up your data in the Cloud is an excellent choice.

Adopt a disaster recovery solution

As much as the IT manager does his or her best, problems can always exist as computer threats are increasingly sophisticated. A disaster recovery plan can be the salvation of a company. This document contemplates all actions and procedures to be taken in case of failures, in order to recover the computer services without compromising the data. Problems with servers, machine failures and viruses on the network are some of the problems that can happen in a company and compromise all security. RAAS is a service managed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure availability of your applications.


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