The General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in Brazil

The General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in Brazil

By Marcelo Carvalho, DATAPEERS commercial in Brazil

The LGPD (Law No. 13.709, of 08/14/2018) entered into force in Brazil on September 18, 2020 and with this we became part of a select group of countries that have specific legislation for the protection of personal data of its citizens.

The main goals of the LGPD are:
• Ensure the right to privacy and protection of users’ personal data through transparent and secure practices, guaranteeing the fundamental rights of Brazilians;
• Establish clear rules regarding the processing of personal data;
• Promote competition and free economic activity with data portability;
• Strengthen the security of legal relationships and the holder’s trust in the processing of personal data;

LGPD compliance is not an option. A company that does not comply with security regulations is subject to a fine of up to 2% of its revenue and amounts that reach R$50 million, and may have its activities suspended by the National Data Protection Authority.

The Importance of Data Anonymization and DATAPEERS

The General Law for the Protection of Personal Data mentions anonymized data, which is that which originally was related to a person, but which went through stages that ensured its unlinking from that person. If data is masked, then LGPD will not apply to it. It is noteworthy that a data is only considered effectively anonymized if it does not allow, via technical and other means, to reconstruct the path to “discover” who the owner of the data was – if in any way the identification occurs, then it is not fact, anonymized data is pseudonymized data and will then be subject to the LGPD.

According to specialists, masked data are essential for the growth of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning, smart cities, behavior analysis, among others. They also indicate that, whenever possible, a public or private organization performs the anonymization of personal data, as this improves information security in the organization and thus generates more trust in its services and for its audiences.

DATAPEERS is an innovative and automated solution that allows data anonymization and masking and helps companies comply with the privacy requirements of their data, increasing the quality of software development, testing and certification processes, ensuring greater flexibility and protection of information that sometimes needs to be shared with customers, suppliers and service providers.

DATAPEERS ensures that sensitive data is replaced with new anonymized data and that new data is secure and consistent based on the originals.

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