4 tips for securing and organizing your business data

4 tips for securing and organizing your business data

In recent years, technology has advanced a lot in terms of innovation and has completely changed the way business operates. Today it is almost impossible for corporations to sustain their business without the presence of information technology and the internet. One of the most modified aspects is related to the storage of business data and information.

Every day billions of people access the internet for a variety of purposes and share their information online by transferring data between companies, customers, suppliers and employees.

This activity provides numerous business benefits such as communication agility, customer relationships and even the ability to better understand and exceed customer expectations. But technology has brought new risks to information security, and more and more cyber threats appear every day.

It is very common to hear about cyber attacks in the world and, although little publicized, Brazil is the leader in the ranking of countries with the highest number of Internet attack records in Latin America, also occupying 9th overall position.

One of the main types of cyber attacks in the country is related to the hijacking of data in small and medium-sized companies, which lose access to their information until a redemption payment is usually made through Bitcoin.

Many companies are not yet aware of the risk they are taking and the importance of protecting their data from these attacks. But they need to adapt to reality and invest in security technology.

There are some important tips to help protect your business information.

Automatically block malicious content

There are some websites that are created exclusively to distribute malware, which steal user information and are used by hackers to practice cyber crimes. To attract people these sites publish flashy content.

To prevent this from occurring you must install software that automatically blocks your company’s malicious website and network data. Another tip is to install programs to check downloads, to avoid installing viruses.

Create a security policy

It is very important to create an Information Security Policy (ISP) for your company, which should contain the rules, rules, methods and procedures that will help keep your confidential data safe. It is also necessary to ensure that employees know and follow the PSI and this can be done through awareness-raising and training campaigns.


There are a number of business tools today that make it easier for businesses to run their business day-to-day and should be used to optimize results, but it’s important to make sure they deliver the right security for your business.

An example of this is the integrated ERP management system that allows the monitoring and organization of several sectors of the company in one place, facilitating the management of the business. With the many modules available it is possible to do financial control, control of customer and supplier registrations, inventory control, issuance of electronic invoices, receipts and payments, cash flow, and more.

In addition, the integrated enterprise management system generates reports with all the information organized and, in this way, assists in making important decisions giving reliable company database.

The online ERP enterprise management system ensures the security of company information with cloud storage and automatic daily backups, as well as constant software update.


Unfortunately even with all this security investment there are still cases of corporate failures, but these cases are a result of the lack of training of employees who deal with business data.

It is necessary to create a culture of information security in companies, always guiding employees about the correct way to store, manipulate and transmit any kind of information.

Other important actions to ensure the security of company information are:

Create user access levels
Use Wi-Fi password protected
Back up daily
Keep your internal systems up to date
Have a data server
Do not expect the worst to happen to invest in your company’s information security. Ensure your peace of mind by preventing your business from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

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