Information exchange: how to maintain confidentiality in communication?

Information exchange: how to maintain confidentiality in communication?

Never before has the importance of keeping business information secure. When we exchange information and when data moves from department to department, it is essential that techniques and rules be used to keep communication confidential. An information leak and the exposure of sensitive data can seriously jeopardize the continuity of a business. In today’s article, we discuss good practices so that confidentiality in communication stays intact!

Control access to information

This is the first rule to be followed by companies that want to keep their data secure and confidential. Each employee should have access only to the data he really needs to work, because human error is one of the most serious causes for information leakage. Adding watermarks to sensitive files is also a good way to prevent private data theft and helps identify the source in case of loss.

Use data masking in the most sensitive information

Masking the data has the primary purpose of protecting confidential data against unauthorized access. In practice, data masking tools create a version similar to the original data in terms of structure but without revealing its true information. In fact, its original format remains unchanged but the data presented is fictitious. Masked data can be used in test and auditing environments, not compromising the result of the analysis, but always ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. A manual process to protect the data consumes a lot of time and human resources so the best option is to resort to tools that do the process automatically, such as Datapeers.

Reducing the use of storage devices

The use of external drives and disks is a major threat to the confidentiality of data as there is a high risk of passing viruses to the company’s machines and also of information being lost between one device and another. Thus, it is advisable that companies use a storage solution in the Cloud, because this way all employees will have access to information from anywhere in the World and any device. The fact that there are constant backups in Cloud services is also a very important factor in ensuring information security.

Creation of confidentiality agreements

External companies that need to access your company’s confidential data must sign confidentiality terms. IT companies often need to access private company data and there needs to be protection so that data does not go abroad. Signing a confidentiality agreement will greatly increase the commitment of the company that is working with us and will allow greater peace of mind for both parties!


These good practices should not be imposed by managers without an explanation, as the natural reaction is for employees not to feel committed to complying with orders. All employees should be aware of the importance of keeping data safe. It is vital to encourage communication between teams and to make data confidentiality a top priority in your day-to-day lives.

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