How to deal with highly confidential data?

How to deal with highly confidential data?

More than ever, companies are concerned about the security of their data. The new general data protection regulation comes into force in May and this new legislation made managers more aware of the importance of ensuring data confidentiality. In addition, we live in a digital age, where threats of computer attacks are increasing. Therefore, it is imperative that companies know how to protect their information, otherwise it will be lost and compromise the continuity of the business. In today’s article, we will answer the question: how to deal with highly confidential data?

Encryption and data masking

Files that have sensitive data and reports must be protected through encryption, as this will prevent anyone from gaining access to the data. Through encryption, only people responsible for the information can access them. If you need to work with data in non-productive environments, you can opt for data masking, a technique that replaces real data with fictitious but realistic information, ensuring the referential integrity of a database.

Set confidentiality terms

How to handle sensitive data in a corporate environment is still difficult for many managers. However, one of the first steps in this area is to create legal protections. All employment contracts must include confidentiality terms so that each employee has a legal obligation not to disclose business information to others. Confidentiality terms should also be used in contracts with third parties, as many suppliers need access to sensitive data.

Train employees

It is the people who need to know how to deal with highly confidential data, so it is necessary to invest in the training of human resources. Employees should be aware of the need to protect information and cannot create passwords and leave them on a desk, or connect to a public wi-fi network to view sensitive data. Employee training should include not only the technical aspects, but must be able to engage everyone in the threat of attack that exists.

Back up frequently

It’s no use knowing how to deal with sensitive data and doing nothing to protect them in case of a an attack. There are no perfect systems and no matter how secure the information is, it is not free to suffer an attack and to get lost. For this reason, it is essential to adopt backup policies. You should back up your information fairly often, so you can recover your data in case of server or cloud failure.


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