Data Security: The Top Challenges of IT Manager

Data Security: The Top Challenges of IT Manager

Data Security: The Challenges IT Managers Face

The role of IT managers is to ensure the integrity of company data, which has become an increasingly difficult task in order to the increasing security threats. New digital solutions make companies more connected and mobile, allowing them to offer value-added products and services to their customers. However, ensuring maximum security in all areas is a challenge for IT managers. In today’s article we will address the IT Manager’s key challenges in data security!

Protect customer data

The companies have confidential data of the clients and have the obligation to protect them, keeping them private and confidential. If they are passed on to third parties, they may lose opportunities for competition and seriously harm the business. In order to ensure that customer data security is maintained, the European Union will put into effect a new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. This new regulation aims to protect the confidentiality of data of citizens and is a challenge for IT managers as they has to review the entire organizational structure of the data and implement strategies to ensure the security of the same data.

Ensure mobility security

Mobile solutions are being adopted with great speed. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary for employees to go to the office to work because they can work from any location and through any device. Undoubtedly this is a very important breakthrough and boosts the results. At the same time, it also requires a higher level of technical analysis because data security is more easily compromised, forcing the IT manager to take extra care.

Protect intellectual property of organizations

The IT manager needs to ensure that the information produced by the employees in the performance of their functions belongs to the company, since this only minimizes the risk that employees may make illegal copies and distributions of data through e-mail or storage devices. Spreading information about the company to third parties can generate serious financial losses and denigrate the company’s image in the market.

Fighting possible hacker attacks

Companies use many security tools like firewalls and antivirus, but nevertheless no company is totally safe from hacker attacks. Companies that use digital platforms are at risk of data invasion and destruction. The IT manager is responsible for analyzing possible threats and implementing effective measures to counter them.

Be aware of market developments

As in all areas of a company, it is very important to always be aware of the evolution of the market. The IT manager’s greatest challenge is to find the best way to adapt the reality of the business, keeping the company always up to date and competitive, without compromising data security.

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