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The Importance of Protecting Data in the Health Sector

Digital transformation is a reality in all areas. Technologies leverage a broad set of opportunities to satisfy diverse needs, optimizing available resources and reducing the risks associated with the use of technologies. The health sector is one of the sectors that most care must have in the processing of personal data, ensuring the privacy of patient data. With the entry into force of the new GDPR, the importance of protecting data in the health sector is even more evident. We discuss in this article the main implications of the treatment of personal data in the health sector.

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How can fake news be harmful to your business?

In recent times, the term “fake news” has become part of our day-to-day life. Fake news is created to attract audiences by getting people to click on the links. The goal is to increase revenue through ads. Fake news is also used for its own benefit and to deconstruct ideas rooted in the population. The term “fake news” gained fame during the United States presidential election, but its performance goes far beyond politics. Companies like PepsiCo have seen their reputation threatened due to the spread of fake news. In an age when information travels so quickly, it is very important that companies also protect themselves from this threat. In today’s article, we leave you some tips for not being a victim of fake news and for not taking the risk of seeing your company name “damaged” by this new threat! Read More

Learn how to analyze the vulnerability of your IT system

In an increasingly digital market, information security is a growing concern in companies. The data generated daily is the most precious asset of organizations and, due to data protection laws, it is necessary to ensure compliance with legal requirements so that the company is not penalized. It is essential to know how to analyze the vulnerability of an IT system. In today’s article, we leave you important tips so you can analyze the vulnerability of your system!

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Overview of 2018: everything that has changed throughout the year in the security industry

The end of the year is approaching and it is time to make a review about everything that happened this year. The business security industry has brought a lot of buzz this year and it’s important to look at what has changed over the last few months so we can be prepared to receive 2019! In today’s article, we cover everything that has changed throughout the year in the security industry.

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The main security trends in companies in 2019

Tic, tac, tic, tac: time does not stop and the year 2018 is hurrying towards its end. 2018 was a year marked by the increasing need to ensure the security of business systems in order to enable data to remain secure and inviolable. This was also the year we received the new data protection law in the European Union, and this law has raised concerns about information security. And what can we expect in the coming year? In today’s article, we present the key security trends in business in 2019!

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5 Lessons on Data Security to Avoid Risks

Data security is an increasingly strategic vector for companies. Suffering from a computer attack can put the entire survival of the business at risk. For a company to be fully protected, it is not enough to protect itself with a single solution; it is necessary to have defenses for all types of threats. To help you with the task of protecting your information, we’ve prepared 5 lessons in data security to avoid risk!

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All you need to know about Big Data Analytics

Companies today deal with a large amount of data. If companies can not extract reliable information from the data they generate daily, they lose their purpose. Only with correct and up-to-date information will companies be able to make the right decisions for the future of the business. Thus, it is critical that they use the right tools to extract the maximum data value, whether ERP or real-time business monitoring system such as Multipeers. We’ve prepared an article with everything you need to know about Big Data Analytics! Stay with us!

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7 tips to ensure the security of your databases

Company databases contain valuable information that cannot be lost or exposed to third parties. A leak of information can compromise the security of an organization and can therefore jeopardize its continuity. With new data protection laws and increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable computer attacks, information security officials are increasingly aware of the need to protect sensitive data that contains private information about customers and vendors. In today’s article, we leave you 7 tips to ensure the security of your databases!

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How to ensure data privacy in test environments?

Data must be protected at all stages of the process, particularly in test environments. During the testing process, customer and vendor data can be exposed to development teams and IT service providers. Any misuse of this information can cause serious problems for the data carrier, since it seriously undermines its reputation and hence its image. Thus, protecting data in test environments is essential to ensure that all information is 100% secure. In today’s article, we leave you with some tips so you can ensure data privacy in test environments!

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The definitive guide of the General Data Protection Regulation

The new general data protection regulation came into effect in May this year and despite all the information that has been generated around this new law, the truth is that many companies still feel lost and have not yet begun to protect their information. For this reason, we have prepared a definitive guide with all the information you need to know to protect your business under the new data protection law!

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