What to do in case of private data breach?

The new General Regulation on Data Protection takes effect in a few days. The new legislation provides for heavy fines for infringements and one of the main concerns of companies is related to possible private data breaches. Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of their customers ‘and vendors’ private data as security threats have increased in number and efficiency. But after all, what to do in case of private data breach?

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How to Protect Your Information on VPN Connections

A VPN network is a virtual private network that transmits encrypted data as it navigates from one point to another in the Web world. Connecting through VPN enables the user to browse websites securely and privately. VPN connections are increasingly used as they allow remote access to local files and is a safe way to browse through public Wi-Fi networks. In this article, we will give you some tips to protect your information on VPN connection!

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How can email marketing survive the RGPD?

Email marketing is one of the most commonly used channels for companies to communicate with their target audience. Although good marketing practices tell us that we can only send information to potential customers who have asked for that, the reality is that many companies don’t follow this practice and send information to databases purchased or provided by other organizations. With the entry into force of the new General Regulation on Data Protection, companies will have to be much more careful. Let’s address in this article the impact that the new data protection law has on email marketing!

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How to ensure the security of your business data?

Threats to data security are getting bigger and more sophisticated, making it harder to ensure data security in companies. Protecting the information that your company generates on a daily basis is essential to the success of the business and at this stage when the new general data protection regulation is about to take effect, it is even more important to work towards securing company data and its stakeholders. In today’s article, we leave you valuable tips to ensure the safety of your business data!

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How is Facebook receiving GDPR?

The social network Facebook has been the subject of numerous criticisms due to the case of Cambridge Analytics and the unauthorized access to data of more than 50 million profiles that were used to create a software that supposedly influences the results of referendums and elections . At a time when information privacy is one of the most talked about subjects, let’s see how Facebook is preparing to receive the new General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR)!

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Internet of Things and the main security challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to change the way we live and the way we work. Nowadays, the cost of accessing the Internet is very low compared to the beginning of the technology age. Mobile devices are becoming more adept and more devices are built with network connectivity and built-in wi-fi. All these conditions create the ideal scenario for the Internet of Things and for its action in the business world. In a very simplified way, Internet of Things aims to connect any device to the Internet. According to Gartner, by the year 2020 there will be more than 26 billion devices connected to the network. At home, this concept aims to make life easier for people, but its application will also have an impact on the business world. In a world so connected and everything is connected to everything, the security challenges are immense. In this article we will analyze the main security challenges that the Internet of Things brings us! Read More

Top 5 movies about hacker attacks

The seventh art often imitates real life and even hacking attacks are out of the history of cinema. Hackers are an invisible threat, but increasingly more real and more present in corporate life. More than ever the protection of information was so in vogue and in today’s article we will cover the top 5 movies about hacking attacks!

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Best practices for storing data in the Cloud

Storing data in the Cloud is a trend increasingly present in companies around the world. However, companies don’t always use this tool in the best way, making mistakes that may jeopardize the security and privacy of your information. Proper use of cloud storage can have huge benefits for business, so it is essential to use the cloud in the best way possible. In today’s article, we present the best practices for storing data in the Cloud. Read More

Digital Marketing and GDPR: find the main changes

The General Regulation on Data Protection takes effect on May 25. This new law brings changes that will have a great impact on the life of companies, especially at the level of digital marketing. Citizens are better protected by this new legislation and companies need to adapt to avoid risking defaults and suffering heavy fines from the GDPR. In today’s article, we talked about the key changes GDPR brings to the digital marketing arena!

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Data Loss in Business: What to Do to Minimize Impact?

As far as data loss is concerned, prevention is always the best solution. More than ever, business information is very valuable because it is through the data they have that companies can analyze their audience, define marketing campaigns and guide the entire business strategy. However, there are more and more threats to information security, so it is essential to devise strategies to minimize the impact in case of data loss in companies. In today’s article, we mentioned some ways to minimize the damage caused by data loss!

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