7 Amazing movies about computer attacks

Hollywood movies sometimes get inspiration from the world of spying, unbreakable codes, and computer attacks. Fiction and reality are in this case hand in hand, as there are more and more cyber-attacks in companies, as threats grow every day. In today’s article, we talked about the 7 best movies about computer attacks! Read More

Understand the relationship between data masking and information security

At a time when the new general data protection regulation is just over two months away, companies need to know how best to protect their data and ensure that their information is safeguarded. Data masking is a technique that protects sensitive information. In today’s article, let’s talk about the relationship between data masking and information security!

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How to deal with highly confidential data?

More than ever, companies are concerned about the security of their data. The new general data protection regulation comes into force in May and this new legislation made managers more aware of the importance of ensuring data confidentiality. In addition, we live in a digital age, where threats of computer attacks are increasing. Therefore, it is imperative that companies know how to protect their information, otherwise it will be lost and compromise the continuity of the business. In today’s article, we will answer the question: how to deal with highly confidential data?

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10 steps to successfully implement GDPR

Tic, tac, tic, tac: the clock doesn’t stop and the new General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) is right there! Companies must be prepared to receive the new law accordingly and ensure that they comply with all legal requirements, otherwise they will suffer the heavy fines that the new law contemplates. In today’s article, we’ve given you 10 steps to successfully implement GDPR!

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The Importance of Data Management for Decision Making

Business is composed of internal and external variables that directly impact the definition of strategies. The better the understanding of the data, the greater the impact on the decisions made. Data management, in particular Big Data, is of great importance for increasing business productivity. In today’s article, we address the importance of data management for decision making!

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Best practices in managing customer data

The relationship with the customer is increasingly important for companies, as consumers are becoming more demanding and informed and it becomes increasingly difficult to surprise and please them. Good customer management allows you to offer products and services more targeted to the real needs of consumers, which will certainly increase theirr satisfaction and loyalty to the brand. In today’s article, we address best practices in customer data management!

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What is the difference between ERP and a performance tool?

Nowadays, it is possible to find different tools that are extremely important when it comes to making office routine more efficient, producing more, and even measuring the performance of your company’s staff. Each one plays its part and to know what they do, learn the difference between ERP and a performance tool.To do so, check out this article the following topics

  • Difference between ERP and a performance tool;
  • What does an ERP software do?
  • What does a performance tool do?
  • What is the importance of technological tools.

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Find the relationship between data intelligence and productivity

Companies produce data every day. In the competitive market of today, it is indispensable to save time in the execution of the processes and that is why more and more companies use data management programs that perform the most diverse tasks. Using data wisely makes your company more competitive and productive. In today’s article, we talk about the relationship between data intelligence and productivity.

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Are you prepared for GDPR?

GDPR is the theme of the moment. On 25 May, the new regulation that protects the personal data of citizens of the European Union comes into force on a compulsory basis. The main changes in this law to the current law are related to the right to forgetfulness, the right to portability of data and changes in consent to the authorization of data processing by citizens. In today’s article we will address the changes that GDPR will bring to your company!

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5 mistakes to avoid when backing up data

Data are increasingly important to companies and must be addressed as best they can so they can provide the outputs needed for decision-making. Backup is one of the key measures of information protection, since it ensures that the data is secure and protected even in cases of problems with machines and computer attacks. However, backups are not always managed in the best way and in today’s article we will present 5 errors to avoid when backing up data!

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