Data masking: what it is and why your company should do it

Data are the most important assets of companies today because it is through them that managers extract information about customers and the market in order to make the best decisions. Never before has there been an awareness that it is necessary and fundamental to protect information. Data masking is a technique that many companies are already using because it allows unauthorized data to remain secure and confidential. This tool is a growing need especially in the companies that generate a great volume of data (Big Data). In today’s article we will talk about data masking and explain why your company should start using this feature today!

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5 Big Data Success Stories

Big Data: cases of success in companies

The new consumer, more demanding and informed, the constant connection to the online world and the great exchange of information on different social networks and digital platforms has increased competition and made understanding of the market more complicated by companies. Currently, a full knowledge of the market can only be achieved by collecting and processing a large number of data. Big Data enables companies to fully understand their target, streamline their business processes, and anticipate trends by taking a proactive action. In today’s article we present you 5 success stories with Big Data!

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Internet of Things

When we speak about technological revolution, it is impossible not to refer the Internet of Things (IoT). This concept brings a great change in how we do everything: how we live and how we work. Although it is a topic that has been much discussed recently, there is still a great deal of ignorance about what it is and how it can be applied. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Internet of Things!

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How to deal with so much data?

Think about the time it takes a 1 second. That’s enough time for 52,196 people “Like” Facebook posts, publish 700 photos on Instagram, do 4000 Google searches and publish about 6,000 tweets. The information society is generating more and more data each day and this giant volume of data sometimes becomes a problem for companies. More and more companies are wondering how to handle so much data. In this article, we’ve provided you with some essential tips to best handle your business data!

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Datapeers and the new data protection law

In May 2016, it was published a general regulation about Data Protection in the official Journal of the European Union. This new regulation revokes the current legislation on the protection of personal data, published in 1995, when internet access was not yet widespread.

The main objective of this regulation is to protect the privacy of citizens, and to ensure the free movement of personal data in the European Union. This new regulation aims to find answers to the challenges posed by the technological evolution that has happened in recent years.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Business Data

The ancients said that “the secret is the soul of the business” and this is an unquestionable truth. Increasingly, it is necessary to protect the most important data of companies and organizations on pain of losing business. Every day, hundreds of sensitive and private data as confidential contract clauses and stock plans circulate through internal networks. Using internal networks has its risks, like the possible loss of privacy and the possible loss of the most relevant data. In this article we give you 5 essential tips to protect your business data in the best way!

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