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Analytical Intelligence: Predicting Customer Desires and Improving Sales

Nowadays, information is the most important resource in companies and more and more there is a greater investment and a greater concern to obtain reliable information. However, there are still many companies that do not give this issue the importance they should and ultimately lose fundamental data that are generated daily. The amount of data generated in a day-to-day business is vast and it becomes tricky to deal with so much information. Analytical intelligence has a crucial role to play and it is on this topic that today’s article focuses.

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Data masking: what it is and why your company should do it

Data are the most important assets of companies today because it is through them that managers extract information about customers and the market in order to make the best decisions. Never before has there been an awareness that it is necessary and fundamental to protect information. Data masking is a technique that many companies are already using because it allows unauthorized data to remain secure and confidential. This tool is a growing need especially in the companies that generate a great volume of data (Big Data). In today’s article we will talk about data masking and explain why your company should start using this feature today!

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