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How to ensure data privacy in test environments?

Data must be protected at all stages of the process, particularly in test environments. During the testing process, customer and vendor data can be exposed to development teams and IT service providers. Any misuse of this information can cause serious problems for the data carrier, since it seriously undermines its reputation and hence its image. Thus, protecting data in test environments is essential to ensure that all information is 100% secure. In today’s article, we leave you with some tips so you can ensure data privacy in test environments!

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Find how data protection can become a competitive advantage

Does Privacy Data Protection Create Value? Because there is no consensual and unambiguous answer to this question, there are still many companies that don’t devote the attention that data protection needs, jeopardizing the confidentiality of the information they generate on a daily basis, as well as the confidential data of their customers and other stakeholders. Data protection regulations, such as the new GDPR that came into effect on May 25, are good opportunities to look at security with a more responsible and closer view of the attention that this topic deserves. The truth is that data protection can become a real competitive advantage and in today’s article we will address this issue to eliminate all doubts related to this topic!

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