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Best practices to keep your business data safe

Today, digital security requires the attention of all employees in a company. Unfortunately, the digital revolution has greatly increased exposure to attack risks, and so no company is safe from cyber-attack that provides data loss that is essential to the proper operation of the business. And who thinks this should be a concern only of large companies is wrong: all companies are at risk if they don’t protect their information. In today’s article, we’ve selected the best practices to keep your business data safe!

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7 Practical tips for protecting your business data

Data protection is the order of the day. Never before have businesses cared about the security of your information. This growing concern with data security was due to increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable computer attacks and also due to the advent of the new data protection law which came into effect in May this year. A loss of data, total or partial, can mean losses of thousands of euros for a business and can even jeopardize their survival. Many companies still dont take significant steps to keep their data protected. We’ve selected 7 practical tips for protecting your business data!

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Can GDPR and Marketing be good friends?

GDPR has arrived and the doubts surrounding its application are still more than many. However, the answer to the question “GDPR and Marketing can be good friends” is affirmative. The new general data protection regulation aims to solve your current contact problems, which may be future clients of your company. In today’s article, we will present a few cases where we can prove that the GDPR has come to be a good ally of Marketing and not to be an enemy, as many companies think!

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